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English Design Series: English Rose

Posted by hhc on

English Rose Design

We’re back with our third installment in our English Design Series and this round is going to get very, very pretty. Take a minute to catch up on our introduction along with the English Eccentric style first, then fill a vase with sweet-smelling flowers and get ready to fall in love with this romantic design style.

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English Design Series: Eccentric English

Posted by hhc on

Eccentric English Style

Two weeks ago, we dove into our newest series on all things English Interior Design. Now that we’ve introduced you to the general traits and traditions of this particular look, we’re getting a touch more specific, and in the case of this week’s post, a whole lot more eccentric.

Put on your wildest hat, don a pattern or five, and click through to become the newest fan of English Eccentric Interior Design.

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Define Your Design

Posted by hhc on

Entryway Light

When you first step into your new home, design ideas begin to formulate. Your mind swirls with possibilities of colors, patterns, textures, and art. Before you know it, you’ve got a billion ideas and no idea where to start.

So, how do you begin? It’s time to Define Your Design Style! Click through for easy ways to clarify your personal design style to make styling your home effortless and fun.

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Art Inspiration

Posted by bykerryfrances on


While there’s nothing quite like an afternoon spent in a museum filled with classic art, or an enjoyable evening at your local art gallery perusing the creations of current artists, there’s another favorable way to get more art into your life: right at home!

Get ready to take a virtual tour of your new favorite pieces of art. By the end of this post, you may even be ready to bust out the paint and create some of your very own.

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