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English Design Series: Eccentric English

Eccentric English Style

Two weeks ago, we dove into our newest series on all things English Interior Design. Now that we’ve introduced you to the general traits and traditions of this particular look, we’re getting a touch more specific, and in the case of this week’s post, a whole lot more eccentric.

Put on your wildest hat, don a pattern or five, and click through to become the newest fan of English Eccentric Interior Design.

Giant Giraffe Mixed Patter Decor

If the eccentric genre of Britain’s design style had a phrase, it would most certainly be “why not?”. As in, why not incorporate unexpected colors, bold artwork, and as much personality and humor as possible into each room in one’s home. Should we add a gigantic giraffe? Well yes, why not? Shall we mix checkerboard with stripes, gingham, and wood paneling? Absolutely! Why not? Ought we display every clown antique we can find? Why not? Why wouldn’t we? Truly, this sums it up. We might also think of beloved British comedies where irreverence, wit, and cheeky humor all reign. These traits are found tucked into each individual look, like little jokes or intelligent riddles waiting to be found.

Pink British StyleDark English Decor

In a world made up of polite society members doing their best to impress one another, English Eccentric Style says, or rather shouts, for you to be yourself. Owning your authenticity is step number one for designing your home to fit among Britain’s best. While a polished home may look lovely, it doesn’t always express who lives within the walls. Getting eccentric means embracing what you really love and finding the bravery to showcase those quirks, hobbies, and delights for your friends, family, and neighbors to see. For example, say you have a collection of airplanes that brings you true joy. Instead of keeping them tucked away in the garage or attic, only to be pulled out once a year, this style of design encourages you to create a room designed around the planes, or perhaps, utilizing a handful in each room. Maybe laughably hideous paintings are your thing, perhaps statues of zebras, or stacks of antique tableware. Whatever you love, love it all day, every day, while it’s displayed in your home.

Multi-patterned living roomContemporary English Design

Speaking of piles of items, embracing your inner eccentric means becoming a bit of a collector. When perusing photos that showcase this look, we see over and over again endless books, tons of throw pillows, and other repeated items. Curating a collection of your own requires diligence, having fun, and seeking shops outside the norm. Flea markets, garage or estate sales, or antique shops hold the secret treasures your free-spirited self seeks. In other words, designing your home in the English Eccentric way takes time and can’t be thrown together over one weekend the way an Ikea home may be. Just as embracing one’s true self can take years, a lot of searching, and living beyond your comfort zone, as does the interior design work that comes along with your new favorite style.

Odd British DecorQuirky Homes

Another benefit of designing your home in this way is that you cannot ever be wrong. If you select a wall color that resembles a lime, you’ve done great! Installing pink carpet has never looked better, a job well done. Instead of worrying if every shade and fabric pair well together, you can simply have fun and let your heart lead you. Remember you’ll be the one living in it so choose wisely for yourself and don’t get caught up on perfectionism. Embracing your flaws and getting a little wild are sure signs you’re off to a great start.

British Flag DecorCoral Wall Paint

Now that you’re practically an expert, here’s a quick jump start to utilizing Eccentric English Decor in your very own home: embrace your true self and don’t be afraid to express it, stand firm on designing for yourself, your family, and the approval of absolutely no one else, seek goods outside of your go-to stores, find pieces that light you with joy, forget perfectionism, be a fan of your inner, peculiar Brit, and ask yourself “why not?” as many times as it takes. Above all else, have fun! Let your freak flag (and your British flag) fly.

Tell us, friends, how would you incorporate this particular design genre into your home? Has this post inspired any ideas? Leave a comment below or over on our Facebook page!



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