For February Fun

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black and white kitchen

After the longest January in history (was it just us?), we’re delighted to swing into February. Here’s what we think February is perfect for.

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English Design Series: Eccentric English

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Eccentric English Style

Two weeks ago, we dove into our newest series on all things English Interior Design. Now that we’ve introduced you to the general traits and traditions of this particular look, we’re getting a touch more specific, and in the case of this week’s post, a whole lot more eccentric.

Put on your wildest hat, don a pattern or five, and click through to become the newest fan of English Eccentric Interior Design.

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2018 Summer Reading List

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Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 7.16.08 PM

While you may be long out of school, there’s nothing like a good book during the sunshine season. For our 2018 Summer Reading List, we’re ready to help you get encouraged, thrilled, and swooning over some wonderful books. Click through to see our top picks.

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