About Us

Let us be honest: HHC Living was founded almost by accident. Our sister business, a home construction company, was in need of furniture and decor for a summer show home. We shopped local businesses for product, but could not find anything that was just right. So, what did we do? Connected with the best brands in the industry and brought the product in ourselves, of course! After that, the phone started ringing and we have been cranking out designs ever since. In 2015, we opened a new, larger brick & mortar location and expanded it again in 2017. In 2018 we expanded our reach and opened the online shop at hhcliving.com. We have several surprises up our sleeve for 2019 and we are glad you're here!

Our passion for creating fresh spaces doesn't disappoint (just ask our clients), and we'd love to meet you next! You will love it -- it's your home, made. 

The Pros

Justin Davis, CEO + President of Design

Justin's love of the design industry started at a very young age when he would help his grandmother decorate her home (which she did all the time). After graduating from Texas Tech University, Justin worked in the fashion industry in Dallas, selling shoes and apparel from designers such as Diane von Furstenberg, Missoni, and Alexander McQueen. When he felt satisfied with the work he had done in Dallas, Justin returned to Lubbock to help grow his family's construction company and found HHC Living. Justin's keen eye for interior design has transformed countless spaces across Texas and New Mexico. Justin's clients appreciate his ability to think beyond traditional interior design maxims and create a space that is uniquely their own. 


Jordan Davis, Lead Designer

If you ask Jordan what her passions are, the quick answer would be home design and fashion. Before she even graduated from Texas Tech University, Jordan founded her first business, HHC Living, with her brother, Justin.  After building the business for a few years, Jordan left to work in the Dallas Design District where she was employed by a top lighting and furniture company. In summer, 2015, Jordan returned to Lubbock and has become HHC Living's Lead Designer. In this position Jordan will work in-depth with each client to create stunning, one-of-a-kind interiors. 


Michael Porter, COO + Director of Logistics

Michael runs the HHC show behind the scenes. Sure, he's not a fancy interior designer, but he has perfect taste nonetheless. Michael's path to this position started at a young age when he watched his family work in the group of radio stations they owned. This, combined with his mother's work in primary education, established Michael's interest in communication and management. In 2012, shortly after HHC's founding, he joined the team and took over all communications and marketing duties. Nowadays, in addition to the jobs listed in the previous sentence, Michael heads up all vendor relations and logistics. Michael's role is ever-important to our love of bringing beautiful products in, and, in turn, sending them back out to you.