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2019 Summer Coastal Style

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If it were up to us, Summer would be Vacay Every Day. Since that’s not exactly possible, creating the perfect summer coastal interiors can make you feel like you’re vacationing nonstop. Now if only we could get in-home poolside service, too. Hmm, always good to have goals!

Click through to get inspired with our favorite coastal inspired interior design!

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Whether you’re right by the coast or nowhere near it, incorporating beach vibes into your house can having you smelling an ocean breeze in no time.

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Think in coastal colors! Mimic water by working in shades of blues, greens, greys, and sandy hues in tan and beige. Let the sunset inspire you by including orange, yellow, and pink, or go with deeper shades like dark brown or rich indigo.

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Consider nautical materials like rope, shore finds such as coral or sea glass, or classic symbols including anchors, boats, or summertime bicycles. Palm print, gingham, and cabana stripes can easily boost beach vibes.

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Let art take center stage by utilizing ocean-inspired prints, stunning watercolor paintings, or beach infused word art. Think out of the box by using oars, miniature sailboats, pineapples, or even surfboards.

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Last but not least, pick out the perfect beach scented candle! Sit back, relax, and take in your freshly designed space.

You may not have that beach house quite yet, but by utilizing these tips, you’ll feel like you’ve found the vacation bungalow of your dreams!



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