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Define Your Design

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When you first step into your new home, design ideas begin to formulate. Your mind swirls with possibilities of colors, patterns, textures, and art. Before you know it, you’ve got a billion ideas and no idea where to start.

So, how do you begin? It’s time to Define Your Design Style! Click through for easy ways to clarify your personal design style to make styling your home effortless and fun.

Quick! Someone asks you what kind of interior design you love, what do you say? Bohemian? Traditional? Modern? Country? Oh, the overwhelm. Let’s break this down.

Your New Home DesignBright Family RoomMirrors in the bathroom

First, gather inspiration. Whether you love Pinterest or prefer to tear pages out of magazines, getting inspired is your number one step. Don’t overthink this too much, just collect whatever makes you smile or catches your eye. Once you’ve got a handful of photos, clippings, or pins, look over them. What do you see repeating? Did you naturally select everything in shades of blue? Are you surprised by the number of traditional furniture pieces you chose? Many of your design answers are right there in your inspiration pile! Your Defined Design should slowly be starting to formulate.

2018 Fall TV viewingHHC Living Design Velvet ChairsOrange and Green Furniture

Still need a bit more clarification? Get to your favorite store and start shopping. Heads up, you don’t actually need to buy anything. Much like your first step, you’re gathering ideas of what stands out to you (not what stands out to your best friend, mother-in-law, or favorite bloggers, just you). Snap photos on your phone to review later. Also take note of what really doesn’t excite you. By eliminating types of decor you’re one step closer to knowing your personal home style. If you fall in love with something right then and there, get it! Beautiful rooms can be built around one piece of art, furniture, or even a rug. You never know where inspiration will strike.

2018 Fall TV viewingEclectic Design StyleCozy Chairs Guest Room

Third, step away from your interior design aspirations. While this step sounds counterproductive, it’s crucial to the process. Get into nature and out of your head. Take a long walk with your pup, go hiking with friends, or visit your favorite lake. Take care of other items on your to-do list, clean your new space, and finish that book you’ve been meaning to read. Now check back in: what pieces of furniture or decor have you found yourself dreaming about? What are you desperately hoping is still available from your shopping excursions? Boom, there’s your answer. These stand out sensations contain the key to your design style.

Guest Room ArtBrown Living Room inspirationScreen Shot 2018-07-24 at 11.13.00 AM

Lastly, call in the professionals. We’re more than happy to set up a call or consultation to hear about your design dilemmas. Whether you’re moving into your first place, have grown out of your current style, or simply want a new look for your home, we’re here to help. Give us a shout or come on into the store. We can’t wait to help you define your personal interior design style and turn your house into the home of your dreams.



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