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  • January 30, 2019 hhc

    15 Ways To Stay Cozy This Winter

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    After the thrill of the holidays and the rush of a new year, it finally hits us right at the end of January: it’s Winter! For most folks across the country, snow has been piling up with more storms on the forecast. The best way we know to fight the winter blues is by embracing the season with fun, warmth, and great home decor, of course. Enjoy our list of 15 Ways To Stay Cozy This Winter!

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  • January 23, 2019 hhc

    2019 Interior Design Trends

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    One of the most exciting parts about the start of a new trip around the sun is getting to see what new home decor trends will lead the way. We may be design nerds (okay, we’re definitely design nerds) but there’s nothing more exhilarating than getting a sneak peek at what styles, colors, and options will be popping up in homes across the country.

    Ready for a look into what’s trending in interior design in 2019? Grab a pen, click through, and get ready to impress your friends by knowing every must have for homes this year.

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  • January 11, 2019 hhc

    2019 Design Resolutions

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    As a fresh year rolls in, resolutions are made with gusto and dedication. We all look at various areas of our lives including health, happiness, finances, love, and more to decide what needs a little fine-tuning and what needs a total overhaul. This year, HHC challenges you to include Design Resolutions as a part of your 2019 goals. Click through to read more and find our fun ways to amp up your Interior Design game for the new year. New Year, New Design, let’s go.

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