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15 Ways To Stay Cozy This Winter

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After the thrill of the holidays and the rush of a new year, it finally hits us right at the end of January: it’s Winter! For most folks across the country, snow has been piling up with more storms on the forecast. The best way we know to fight the winter blues is by embracing the season with fun, warmth, and great home decor, of course. Enjoy our list of 15 Ways To Stay Cozy This Winter!

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1. Snuggle up with a cozy throw blanket. If you’re going to endure freezing temperatures, you might as well do it under the warmth of a soft, plush, luxury throw blanket. Check out our favorites right here.

2. Light your favorite candle. In lieu of a fireplace, candles are the next best thing. For an extra wintry feel, select scents that stir up the feeling of taking a beautiful snowy stroll (whilst staying warm inside, of course).

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3. Try a new recipe. There’s no time like the coldest months to dive into a new soup, stew, or hearty dish. Spend a chilly Saturday afternoon trying out a few new recipes, and if you happen to bake a few treats, too, send some our way.

4. Incorporate cozy colors. Since you’ll be spending so much time indoors over the next few months, there’s no better time to create a fresh color palette in your living spaces. Consider moody shades like deep eggplant, mustard yellow, or forest green to stay on trend, or go for pops of bright color to remind you warmer days are coming.

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5. Host a movie night. Invite your nearest and dearest over for a fun film, delicious snacks, and hot chocolate with extra marshmallows. Serve everything up on platters so no one misses a moment of the movie.

6. Make a blanket fort. What’s better than pulling all the cushions off the couch, gathering up every blanket you can find, and building a fantastic indoor fort? Doing exactly that with a picturesque snow scene right outside your window, of course. Let your kids – or your inner kid – go wild with stacking and layering before settling in to watch the snowflakes fall.

7. String up lights. Since you’re creating the coziest cave to spend the next three months in, bring in some mood lighting. Update old lamps, replace broken bulbs, and string up some twinkle lights to give you a magical feel all season long.

Winter Whites

8. Embrace winter whites. Let the indoors match the outdoors by updating your kitchen and bathrooms with a crisp white look. Fresh cabinets, truly white walls, new tables or chairs, or even subtle decor changes can rival even the freshest snow. Bonus: winter whites don’t need any shoveling at all.

9. Bring on the pillows. Let’s be honest, you’re basically hibernating all throughout January, February, and parts of March, you might as well be as comfortable as possible. Pack pillows onto each couch, armchair, and bed until you’ve achieved the most perfect lounging position – and then ask someone to hand you the remote so you don’t have to get up again.

10. Journal new goals. We already covered all of your design resolutions for 2019 but your personal goals are up to you. Pick out a new journal and fill it to the brim with ideas, dreams, and everything you’re grateful for.

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11. Create a restful retreat. Let your bedroom become a sanctuary from the seasonal wind, storms, and ice, and your favorite place to end the day. Ensure window treatments block the temperatures, bring in rugs to warm up hard floors, and refresh your bedding with new layers.

12. Rearrange furniture for warmth. If a beloved chair sits directly beneath a window, consider moving it to the other side of the room for a while. Maximize your space for indoor gatherings, get your guest room ready for any unexpected inclement weather stays, and create optimal snuggle spots near your fireplace or heating vents (safely, of course).

13. Spruce with sparkle. One of the best parts of winter is the glistening snow and shiny icicles that inspire stunning indoor decor. Add sparkle, glam, or glitter, along with silver and inviting shades of blue and you’ll feel like you’ve got your very own indoor snowflake showcase.

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14. Freshen up your fireplace. Give your mantle the once over and add any festive additions as needed. Out of ideas? Seasonal garland, varying sizes of candles, sweet snowmen, or favorite photos ought to do the trick. Let your rustic, chic, or cabin-inspired dreams run wild.

15. Luxe layers. Think velvet, think plush, think soothing. Anything you bring into your home this season should add warmth, comfort, and homey vibes to a space. Layer rugs, blankets, pillows, window treatments, place-mats, and more. Go big, go bold, and get cozy this winter.

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We’re wishing you a safe and snuggle-filled start to your wintry days. Need another fun idea? Catch up on all of our blog posts… with a blanket, of course. Stay warm out there!



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