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2019 Interior Design Trends

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One of the most exciting parts about the start of a new trip around the sun is getting to see what new home decor trends will lead the way. We may be design nerds (okay, we’re definitely design nerds) but there’s nothing more exhilarating than getting a sneak peek at what styles, colors, and options will be popping up in homes across the country.

Ready for a look into what’s trending in interior design in 2019? Grab a pen, click through, and get ready to impress your friends by knowing every must have for homes this year.

Moody Color TrendsMoody Home Decor

Color Trends

First things first, let’s go deep into the color world – and truly, we do mean deep. Deep, dark, and moody tones are a major must for your home in 2019. We’ll be seeing intense blues, enveloping greys, and comforting greens covering walls, trim, and even ceilings. Just as we saw with brown last year, the call for comfort is loud, and we’ll be seeing more and more Americans develop calming, comforting, and inviting homes by utilizing moody tones.

Black is back and better than ever. In a 180-degree turn from the classic white-on-white looks we’ve seen over the past ten years, black is making it’s way back into kitchens, bathrooms, and other traditionally “lighter” spaces. Consider a black laundry room, black and white kitchen design, or painting a ceiling in the rich, classic shade. Want to get even trendier? Matte black will rule the roost, pairing nicely with the soothing shades mentioned above.

black and white kitchenblack kitchen cabinets

As noted in last week’s post, the 2019 Pantone Color Of The Year is Living Coral, a cheerful and warm marriage of pink and orange, exuding comfort and connection. It’s sister shade, Millennial Pink, maintains her reign, as well, so don’t count on the softer, simpler pink going anywhere anytime soon.

Whether it’s a pink that pops, an inviting mustard yellow, or a full-bodied blue, bold color will make itself known. After multiple seasons of crisp, clean, shiny white leading the way, color is ready to help us all metaphorically let our hair down, embrace new sides of ourselves, and let authenticity, variety, and uniqueness rule.

Living Coralmustard yellow decor

Material Trends

Let’s talk texture. In another nod toward comfort, we want plush, we want luxe, we want touchable, snuggle-worthy materials all around our homes this season. Wood accents, wooden furniture, and even wooden walls are making a strong comeback. Near the end of last year, we let you know it’s time to get your wallpaper on, only now you can also consider wallpaper and wall coverings with raised or textured surfaces. If your mind is spinning with images of your grandparents’ homes, don’t panic. All of these trends have been modernized, refreshed, and re-imagined for current day design. In fact, you may no longer wonder just what the heck your Grandmother was thinking with her wood plank walls and purple, velvet couch and be inspired instead.

Velvet Chairswood textured walls

As for other trends in materials, we’ll be seeing patterns everywhere, a strong encouragement of mixing materials so linen, faux-fur, and grainy wood may just find themselves teaming up in the same space, along with mixing overall styles and “looks”. Mixed metals will also shine brightly in the upcoming months. We’ll see further steps toward sustainable design, Eco-friendly products and procedures, and advancements in robotic home goods and features, such as creating mood lighting with one touch on your phone.

Dark Green KitchenGold Fixtures

Finishing Trends

Last but not least, it’s all about the final touches. Gold is the go-to for hardware options, knobs, and lighting, among other features. Consider hitting two trends with one stone by purchasing a deep golden bar cart, which is currently having a moment. Whether opting for a traditional Gold hue, selecting the more contemporary cousin, Rose Gold, or banking on Brass, everything and anything golden remains number one.

As previously mentioned above, matte is making major moves. Consider softening colors by opting for a matte finish on furniture or walls, or even considering appliances with a matte-like finish, as opposed to traditionally popular shiny options. While matte black is tops, muted greens and blues will also be prevalent.

bath tub inspirationDark Bathroom Ideas

A refreshing final touch in your interiors is to work in a bit of the exterior! Nature elements will be big in the upcoming calendar months, including kitchens that open up to the outdoors, along with separated, secluded and luxurious bathtubs, and walls of windows where excessive cabinets used to reign supreme. Plants, whether real or fake, are a must and greenery will be everywhere. Plants are a simple, inexpensive way to add a fresh look to a dated space, pops of color, and invigorating energy. Feng Shui experts believe plants not only bring in good energy but can also bring about wealth, positivity, serenity, luck, and good fortune when placed in proper sections of one’s home.

What are the 2019 interior design trends you’re looking forward to most? Leave a comment below telling us your favorite or what you’ll certainly be trying out soon.



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