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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

October 03, 2018

Mirrors in the bathroom

While each home as their own unique interior design style, there are certain elements one is guaranteed to find in each house, regardless of the overall look. One of those mainstays? Mirrors. Take a peek into how mirrors can reflect all of the best parts of your home, and hide away some of the shortcomings.

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2018 Fall TV Living Room Line Up

September 27, 2018

Modern Family RoomAside from temperatures cooling and pumpkin spice lattes returning, another major perk of the autumnal season is the return of Fall TV. Where better to catch your favorite shows than your very own comfy couch? Click through to check out some of our most beloved family room set-ups to get inspiration for your own viewing spots.

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Color Trends: Brown is Back

September 19, 2018

Following along with interior design trends is not only one of our main responsibilities but an enjoyable benefit of the career. We’ve enjoyed seeing bold color, including Pantone’s 2018 color of the year, Ultra Violet, popping up all over. However, as we ease into Fall 2018, we’re seeing colors start to fade and a former favorite neutral bounce back on the scene. That’s right, Brown is Back! Check out our full article on how to make shades of brown work for you and your home by clicking “Read More” below.

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2018 Home Office Inspiration

September 12, 2018

Office Art InspirationThe start of Fall brings back-to-school, internships, college, and work resuming regular hours after those lovely summer Fridays. Not to mention schedules brimming to the top with practices, games, rehearsals, classes, and playdates galore. During this crazy season, having a dedicated office or work space is a must. Click through to get inspired on setting up your home office, homework zone, or place to procrastinate (don’t worry, we won’t tell).

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Light-en Up for Fall 2018 (Plus SALE!)

September 05, 2018

Lighting Sale HHC LivingNow that your busy Summer is slowly winding down, it’s the perfect time to shift your focus to Autumn. If Spring was made for sprucing, Fall is meant for finding focus, fitness, fashion, fresh air, and, of course, fabulous new finds for your home. Here’s how we’re lightening up for Fall 2018.

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Summer Blog Roundup

August 29, 2018

Catch up on all of the summer 2018 HHC Living Blog Posts.

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Art Inspiration

August 22, 2018


While there’s nothing quite like an afternoon spent in a museum filled with classic art, or an enjoyable evening at your local art gallery perusing the creations of current artists, there’s another favorable way to get more art into your life: right at home!

Get ready to take a virtual tour of your new favorite pieces of art. By the end of this post, you may even be ready to bust out the paint and create some of your very own.

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Five Easy Ways To Design Your Child’s Room

August 17, 2018

As any parent can tell you, one of the most exciting ways to prepare for a new baby is by creating the nursery of their dreams. Designing a space that your future little one will grow up in, or creating a big kid bedroom for your toddler can be magical, yet can also be a bit overwhelming and filled with emotions. We’ve compiled five easy ways to design a bedroom for your child.

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2017 Parade of Homes Throwback

August 09, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 9.44.25 PM

Since our 2018 Parade of Homes feature was so well received, it only seemed right to share last year’s beautifully designed home. Take a look through both and then let us know which home you like best!

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Make It Quirk

August 01, 2018

Maybe it’s just us, but it sure seems like Summer 2018 is flying by. Today is the official start of August, back-to-school commercials, products, and sales are literally everywhere, and before we know it, people will be talking about Pumpkin Spice Everything.

Before we blink and find ourselves shopping for the holidays, now is a great time to review and finish your summer home projects and those design dreams you’ve been putting off. Something we hear from clients often is a desire to make their home truly their own space with personal touches, unique pieces, and fun personality sprinkled throughout. While there’s always room for classic design, there’s nothing like finding a quirky piece of furniture, decor item, rug, or paint color that makes your heart skip a beat.

So before summer is officially over, brew yourself a cup of pumpkin spice whatever, sit back, and get inspired on ways to bring a little bit more fun into your home. Ready? Let’s Make It Quirk.

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Palm Print Paradise

July 25, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 11.05.15 AMWhen it comes to summer trends, pineapple and flamingo are really having their day to shine. Everywhere you look there seems to be another pineapple pillow or flamingo inspired decor. These design symbols are so popular they’ve generated their own sayings and memes, found all over social media. Yet there’s truly only one iconic print that’s been around for decades. That’s right, it’s time to get our Palm on.

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2018 Summer Reading List

July 18, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 7.16.08 PM

While you may be long out of school, there’s nothing like a good book during the sunshine season. For our 2018 Summer Reading List, we’re ready to help you get encouraged, thrilled, and swooning over some wonderful books. Click through to see our top picks.

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