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10 Tiny Updates to Tackle

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When it comes to making updates around your home, some things are obvious. Huge cracks in the driveway or chipped paint stand out, calling for necessary touch ups. However, so many small items go unnoticed year after year, building up dust and problems. Here are 10 tiny updates to consider around your home.

Sheets. Without fail, sheets get used year after year with no updating. With all the time we spend in bed, having fresh, clean, high quality sheets are a small change that can make a huge impact. Here’s how to know when it’s time: if tears, stains, or damage is present; pieces are missing (like top sheet or second pillow case); if they’ve been washed so much they aren’t even comfortable anymore, or if you’ve had them since college. Time to let those bad boys go.

Trash Cans. Literally full of germs, garbage, and all things gross, trash cans rarely get cleaned or replaced. Opt for a new stainless steel beauty in a size and shape that works for your family and kitchen design. Don’t forget to update your outdoor bins, too.

Hampers. Imagine 20 years of containing your dirtiest, sweatiest clothing. Odds are just like those garbage cans, your hamper has never seen a good cleaning. Yikes. Consider an updated style or option that separates your colors from whites, or adult clothing from that of your kiddos.

Kitchen Goods. Take inventory of the smaller tools and items in your kitchen cabinets. Might it be time to replace the strainer you got in 1983? Or the set of chipped dishes you took when you moved out of your parents home? Other goodies to check out include sets of silverware, cups and mugs, drying racks, baking trays, and dull knives.

Garden Tools. Are you wearing gardening gloves from five years ago that have holes in them? Is your shovel rusted over? Pick up a new, colorful set of garden tools, gloves, pots, and maybe a new broom, too, if you’re feeling wild.

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Cleaning Products. Steady yourself before looking in your cleaning cabinet. Products that are very, very expired may startle you. Be on the look out for changed smells or colors. Carefully dispose of products as instructed and then buy new, updated options that will make cleaning easier and, dare we say, fun.

Small Decor. We’re not asking you to update your entire set of living room furniture (though we’re happy to do so, if you’d like), just a few smaller pieces here and there. Clocks, lamps, picture frames, baskets, and pillows are great places to start. Things like your every day or holiday decor, and fake flowers are even smaller starting spots.

Towels. Oh, towels. Just like their cousin, Sheets, towels so frequently get neglected when making updates around your home. Bath towels, kitchen towels, hand towels, washcloths, and even pool towels could probably be completely replaced or at least have a few new additions to the group.

Mats. Another multi-category item, the mats of your life may need to be updated. Entryway mats, outdoor welcome mats, and kitchen mats see a lot of walking and shoes. If the pattern, phrases, or depth have been completely worn down, it’s time for new ones.

Small Appliances. Last but not least, other often forgotten items are small appliances. When did you get your toaster? How about that coffee maker from the 90’s? Let us introduce you to the magic of a Nespresso or Keurig! While the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is true, and there’s something to be said for favorite kitchen items, it’s also okay to make updates or choose upgrades even if the old one still works.

While we love making grand changes to interiors, tiny updates can make a powerful impact. Whether you’re ready for a renovation or simply need help selecting new items, the team at HHC Living has got you covered.

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