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Remote School & Work Spaces

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If you’re continuing to work from home, or your child has opted for virtual learning in Fall 2020, you may find yourself perplexed as to what spaces to use. Here are our tips for helping to create an environment to thrive in.

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Designated Spaces. Having a designated working space for you and your child is key. You don’t have to have a separate room nor even a lot of space. It just must be designated, no matter how small. Create a homework corner or assign a specific homework seat so each child knows it’s time to try and do their best listening and work. And then try to create a room or nook that does the same for you.

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Outside The Box. While you may normally not have considered certain spaces, this is the 2020 school year so anything goes. Have you considered making your office in the garage? With the garage door up and open, of course. Does that spare bathroom get any use or is it the perfect spot for all your zoom meetings (perfect spot meaning it has a door, of course). Your walk-in closet can become your dream at-home office with just a few changes. Think outside the box to create a happier home for everyone working within it.

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Make It Fun. Let little ones help decorate their “classroom” or work space to make it feel special. Allow them to choose stickers, a name tag for their desk, folders, pencils, or other goodies. Add a chalkboard paint wall or section of removable chalkboard wallpaper for doodling or math problems. And once they’re space is set up, go have fun with yours. Picking out fun pens and file folders really never gets old.

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Home Office Updates. If you already have a proper home office, update it to fully serve your needs. Whether that means adding a second monitor, higher quality printer, or a more comfortable chair is up to you. Need to design or build out an entire office? Adding on to your house or turning a back house into a separate office? We would love to design a space that helps you do your best work in a productive, enjoyable way. Give us a shout to start talking about your ideas.

A well designed space can truly change the emotional well being of your family. Allowing little ones to feel safe and supported while stepping in to virtual learning, and allowing yourself the time and privacy you need to work are game-changers. However you’re choosing to work and live this season, the HHC Living team is rooting for you.

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