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Winter Whites

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 2.37.10 AMWhen it comes to winter whites, many people think of fashion. However we’d like to challenge you to consider applying the classic look to your home.

White furniture and decor is so often avoided due to certain seasons of life such as young children, busy households, or lots of pets. While keeping up with cleaning is important, many fabrics and options allow for stain resistant, durable pieces. Instead of being afraid to embrace your winter whites, think of the positives.

Furniture, decorations, art, rugs, paint, and accessories all in beautiful fresh shades of white will add a crisp feeling to your home. Updating to our favorite snow colored hue makes anything old feel new again. Winter whites add an element of freshness and brightness that no other color can.

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If going bold by swapping out a dark couch for a crisp new white one feels way too overwhelming, start small. Replace hand and bath towels with brand new white ones – as a bonus, toss them all in the wash together with a little bleach for super easy laundry. Fresh bath mats will also spruce up any bathroom. Select a duvet or comforter in hotel hues of bright white for a luxurious vacation feel even just at home. Paint kitchen cabinets or bedroom headboards white for an easy, cost effective change.

Pair this unique interior design style for 2020 with pale pinks, coastal colors, warm neutrals, or bold pops of color. Utilize gorgeous plants and natural light to create a refreshing sanctuary to live and work in. Wooden features, large artwork, and gallery walls will also stand out beautifully against an all white interior. It doesn’t have to be perfect, however you interpret winter whites within your home will be exactly right.

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Whether there’s snow piled high outside your window or you’re still enjoy warm temperatures, bringing bold and bright white features into your interior design will add an element of renewal and fresh start for the new year. Tell us in the comments what you’d love to freshen up in your home with shades of winter white!

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