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Kitchen Table Styles

Tie Dye Trend

If the kitchen is the center of the home, the kitchen table is the centerpiece. While all kitchens have common staple features such as appliances, cabinets, countertops, and sinks, choosing a kitchen table is one area where you can let your personal taste shine.

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As an alternative to a traditional square shaped table, consider round or oval. The softness of this style can balance out sharp corners and edges found on cabinets or countertops. Often featuring a pedestal base, round tables are perfect for families to share meals together as everyone can see everyone else easily.

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High Top

For a fun place to gather, opt for a high top table that’s perfect for after school snacks or family game nights. Sitting higher up provides the feeling of being out at your favorite restaurant which is sure to add extra enjoyment.

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For an unfinished, antique look that will catch the eye of any guest, opt for a rustic inspired table. Curved legs, off-white coloring, and benches or mismatched seating can finish this look up.

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Mid-Century Modern

Sleek lines, simplicity, and tapered legs all create the classic mid-century modern kitchen table. Regardless of how contemporary your kitchen design is, this style table will blend in seamlessly. Natural wood and quality craftsmanship are key when opting for mid-century design.

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Have a large family or frequent visitors? Enjoy being a home where everyone can pull up a seat by utilizing an oversized kitchen table. Imagine special holidays, parties to celebrate happy events, and long, relaxed weekend breakfasts all gathered together right at the heart of your home.

Whatever table you choose, we wish you many delicious meals and happy memories surrounded by those you love.

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