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2020 Design Trend Predictions

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With the start of a new decade comes the thrill of new design trends. Let’s dive in to what’s new, what’s gorgeous, and what’s trending for interior design in 2020.

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Our first trend prediction is focusing on what’s natural – natural materials, that is. You’ll see a trending pattern of rattan and cane everything. Whether you’re shopping at a high end interiors store or at Target, you can count on cane making an appearance. We’ll also see natural materials like marble and plenty of linen. Woven hangings are still hanging on (yep, we said it), and the continual uprising of handmade anything and everything will remain throughout 2020.

Retro Inspired Living RoomWhen it comes to 2020 interior design predictions, it’s all about the curves. While straight lines and sleek modern lines have had their day, curves and rounded edges are stepping in to take over. Perhaps reflecting the societal desire to soften things a bit, the sharp look is out and the inviting embrace of rounded edges is in. Curved couches, chairs, and chaise lounges will pair beautifully with rounded consoles, tables, lamps, and more.

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Our third decor trend for the new year is more about creating a feeling than a specific design. 2020 finds folks more inclined to stay home, host family and friends over, and cook meals instead of going out to eat. The feeling of calm, safe, and inviting is a must for every house now. Soothing colors such as blues and greens will be featured, while plants hold strong as decor. Infusing the resident’s personality throughout the home while incorporating story-based pieces, such as inherited antiques or memory filled items, will lead the way into the new decade. While beautiful design is always a must, being able to look around and see the reflection of oneself in one’s home is truly trending.

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Last but not least, sustainability is an absolute must. In the past, considering Mother Earth when designing one’s home was an after thought or not a thought at all. Sustainability has been tied to luxury, or something reserved only for certain kinds of people. Beginning in 2020, we’ll see sustainability become more common, and seen much more as a must instead of an option. Incorporating sustainable materials and considering sources will begin to be ordinary.

What interior design trend are you most looking forward to? Do you have a personal goal for your home design this year? Share with us in the comments!

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