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Rug Refresh in Spring 2020

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While tending to various updates and projects around your home, you may forget one very important aspect: look down! Flooring is often neglected when refreshing or updating spaces as it feels like too big of a project or simply goes unnoticed.

We’re here today to encourage you to update the rugs in your home with tips and inspiration.

Ready, Set, Rug Refresh!

Outdoor Seating InspirationLight and Bright SpacesHHC Living 2018 PortfolioBrown Living Room inspirationSeating InspirationLoft Lighting IdeasRed and Blue DecorScreen Shot 2018-07-02 at 12.07.21 PMOutdoor Rugs

All of these images from the HHC Living Portfolio truly showcase the broad range of styles, sizes, and ways to incorporate rugs within your home.

Here are ways to get the most out of your rug refresh in April 2020:

Consider rugs as pieces of art. What colors or designs inspire you? How can you utilize a rug as the focal point of the entire space? As one of the largest items in every room, rugs can truly make or break the entire aesthetic.

Layer rugs one on top of another for distinct variety and bold looks. Mix materials such as jute, cotton blends, and high quality wool. Layer a large solid colored rug on the floor and then a smaller, similarly shaped piece on top. As a bonus this adds to padding and comfort. You can also layer throw rugs on top of traditional wall-to-wall carpeting.

Rugs truly work anywhere. Pick out a new bath rug, put one under the end of your bed, and get an easy to clean kitchen runner. Hallways, guest rooms, entryways, and every outdoor space can benefit from rugs.

Pay close attention to how your rugs will be used. What types of people and pets live in your home? Will toddlers be playing (and spilling on) it? Will little paws catch their nails in each particular material? Is it a high traffic area or a hidden nook no one really goes in? Will design and feel matter, function may be most important in how to select rugs for your home.

As always, the HHC Living team is here for you! If you’re ready to set up a virtual consultation or get going on a design project, give us a ring. We’re also still able to do curbside pick up for our local HHC community. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to be in touch. Stay safe and we’ll be back with our next blog post soon!


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