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Windows Of The World

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With so much time spent indoors during the Spring of 2020, our windows have never been more important. If you’re seeking inspired natural light, the HHC Living portfolio has got you covered.

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Whether inside or out, windows matter. How do you know what kind of windows to have in your home? Think about the amount of light you’d like in each room, what each will face (so what you’ll see and what others will be able to see inside your house), and the time of day you’ll be spending the most time in areas of the house. Southern exposure is great for all day sunshine but all other directions will have particular timing as to when the room is the hottest and brightest.

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Think outside of the (window) box. Bathrooms are so often neglected when it comes to letting in light, many don’t have any windows at all. Consider other often forgotten spots such as your laundry room, garage, and exterior doors.

While you may not be able to upgrade or add new windows at this time, take inventory to ensure all safety requirements are up to date and there are no dangerous breaks or scratches to tend to. Make any important updates and test each lock. Last but not least, clean until you can see your own reflection! Or at least until the sun shines in easily.

Fireplace Inspiration

We’re thinking of all of you as we navigate The Great Quarantine of 2020 and are wishing you all a happy, safe, and loved home to hunker down in. Please be in touch if we can be of any help with virtual design services, curbside pickup for local communities, or online ordering.


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