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Take a minute to take in this beauty. Is there a more welcoming sight than a plush, cozy, made just-for-you Armchair? We think not. In this week’s blog we’re all about admiring and applauding the armchairs in our lives and dreaming up new armchairs for your home.

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Well, well, well, if these aren’t delectable little morsels of interior design. Truth be told, armchairs really aren’t necessary if you’ve got a couch, chairs at a table, and other spots to sit. Which is exactly what makes them so special. They add an extra special element to your living spaces.

Accent chairs are an easy way to achieve balance in any space. By placing a pair opposite a sofa, you’ve instantly created a conversation station. When flanking a fireplace with matching armchairs, you’ve designed a perfectly symmetrical mirror image to greet guests and create a sense of calm.

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While pairs are lovely, a single armchair is great, too. Whether space constraints only allow for one chair, or you prefer making a solo space to finally catch a minute of quiet, one accent chair works in bedrooms, nurseries, on the front porch, or really anywhere your heart desires. Pair a small table for tea or morning crossword puzzles, or stack books nearby. Utilize one incredible armchair at your vanity or in an oversized bathroom. The possibilities are endless.

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When selecting your armchairs, opt for fabrics that feel inviting such as plush velvet or sink-right-into cotton. Easy to clean is an ideal consideration if you have little kids or pets. Go for an oversized option or opt for an ottoman or chaise if you enjoy sprawling out or are nearly never alone.

What kind of armchairs are in your home? Where’s the most surprising spot you have one tucked away in? Let us know in the comments!





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