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Spring Into Summer 2020

Fall Fitness Ideas

Before we gallop into Summer 2020, it’s time to properly wrap up Spring. While this season may not have been what we’d dreamed of, there’s still plenty of good to celebrate and review.

  1. Before summer officially starts, be sure to wrap up any spring cleaning.
  2. Plan & prep your perfect outdoor paradise.
  3. Don’t forget to tend to your front porch.
  4. Bust out the Red, White, and Blue for Memorial Day Weekend and all summer long.
  5. Plus, consider sprucing up your front door from blah to fabulous.
  6. Make a list of your summer goals – design and otherwise.
  7. Start to plan the best 4th of July party possible – whether that’s a huge group or just your immediate family.
  8. Tend to important (or fun) bathroom updates.
  9. Bring on the bold color! Add colorful elements or design to your home.
  10. And of course, create a plan to keep your loved ones healthy and safe as needed for your family, your location, and within local leader’s guidance.

What’s your biggest goal for the upcoming summer months? Share with us in the comments and we’ll be here cheering you on!

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