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Home Sweet Home Updates

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Home matters now more than ever. After several months indoors, we’re sure you have a new appreciation for the walls you live within. We’re also sure you’ve spotted a few areas of improvement in your home, too. Not to mention design changes, upgrades, or total gut jobs you’d like to do.

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If your family home is feeling a touch small, now may be the right time to consider an expansion project. What kind of space have you been dreaming of while in isolation? Would you do anything for a grand master suite to escape the chaos and questions that come with kids? Speaking of, would an extra bedroom solve fights between siblings who currently share a room? What about a luxury sunroom or designated laundry area to save trips up and down basement steps?

Whatever you’re dreaming of, we can help you do it. Not only by designing interiors specifically for you, but by connecting you to our contractor and renovation expert community to ensure you get the very best help. While DIY projects are fun, it’s crucial to have professionals tend to electric, gas, water, and foundation work.

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If a major overhaul is too much to consider right now, simple updates can alleviate stress and create a more harmonious vibe. Adding stools to your island creates a perfect classwork spot and offers additional seating. Paint rooms, refresh the front porch, or add new floor-to-ceiling drapes. Select new bedding and bath mats to make your master bed feel like a hotel suite.

While the idea of busting down a wall sounds so appealing, we know right now it might not be the best time financially or health wise. We’re here to advise on ideas, projects, and source you items that fit your needs.

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Now that you’ve been inside awhile, you may have realized the flow of your house is counterproductive to how your family lives. By swapping out locations of rooms, say a nursery for a guest bedroom, the layout of your house might make way more sense.

Alternatively, perhaps it’s just a room itself that feels out of place. Would reversing your sofa create a more welcoming atmosphere? Perhaps your dining table actually goes best in the center of a room instead of the corner. What would create a peaceful feeling and flow for your family? Don’t be afraid to move things around as you can always put them back; and as a bonus, you’ll get a great workout!

When making decisions, ask yourself if you can easily walk through every room and the house as a whole. Can you carry meals from the kitchen to the place your family eats? Is it possible for little ones to get from their rooms to the bathroom? Can you get in and out of doors safely? Remove obstacles and watch as life gets a little easier.

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As we’ve all recently learned, there’s truly no place like home. Let’s make sure yours is working for you, your family, and your needs. Preparing for a future much brighter than current times, while honoring where life is at right now, right where you are.


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