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Summertime Blues

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Don’t get the summertime blues! Unless it’s in great design, of course. Click through to get inspiration for all things true blue in (and out) of your home.

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It’s no secret blue is a fan favorite across the boards. Nearly every house contains elements of blues woven throughout it’s features. The varying shades from light sky to deep indigo will satisfy even the most critical taste.

Blue will work on the exterior of one’s home whether as siding, molding, or front door hue. Indoors, blue can cover wall to wall or be designated for small decor pieces, artwork, or fabrics only. The outcome remains the same in that blues will work.

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Blue is known to be calming for children and adults alike and is perfect for bedrooms or cozy homework nooks. Think of how soothing the ocean is, or how lovely staring at the sky can feel, and that’s the kind of zen you can expect from a well designed blue room.

Embrace those coastal vibes or classic patriotic feels and incorporate blue into your home today. HHC Living is happy to help you create the blue oasis of your dreams. Contact us today to enjoy your interiors with a true blue kind of love.


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