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Summer 2020: Outdoor Design Tips

Outdoor Rugs

Pull up a seat! Or a stool, or even a piece of curb. We’ve got warm weather and fresh air and it’s time to head outside. Ready for our three secrets to setting up an incredible outdoor living space? Let’s go!

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When it comes to setting up your dream outdoor space, consider three important aspects: size, set up, and serving.


When it comes to allotted space, no size is too big or small for outdoor living. Even a small cement stair can become a tiny paradise if you let it. Fold-able, stack-able chairs can become your new best friend as they can easily by tucked away to the side or put in a garage when not in use. Thin, lightweight, and cheerfully colored beach chairs may work as well.

Have an enormous outdoor area or multiple options? Determine what each will be used for and design accordingly. Large, spacious grassy areas are perfect for sports, playing games, and running around with pups, and can be generally left open. Patios are perfect for meals so table and chair sets reign supreme. Sunshine filled zones are great for baby pools and hammocks, or beautifully designed gardens.

Set Up

Before designing your personal outdoor paradise, take inventory of the area. Where do you enter your deck? What doorways and stairs need to be left open for easy and safe exits and entrances? Where will the heat of the sun hit and what sections remain mostly shaded? Are there sections that kids or pets should stay out of for safety or health reasons?

Once you’ve assessed the situation, remember that outdoor living areas are best seen as additional rooms. How would you set up a living room indoors? Apply that thinking to your deck, patio, pergola, or pavers. Set sofas and chairs at an optimal design for conversation, include small tables for drinks and snacks, and arrange area rugs where warm feet may be.


Last but not least, think of both who and what you’ll be serving in each individual outdoor area. First, who will be joining you on your deck? Who visits often in summer to hit the pool and play oversized yard games? Will seniors, babies, or kiddos be coming by? Ensure there’s enough seating that also fits the needs of you, those who share your home, and your most common guests.

Next, what will you be serving? Are you the all time summer grill master? Then you’ll need a designated grilling area (not to mention a grill). Would you be living your dreams by installing a full outdoor kitchen? Get those design plans going! Are you the type who goes in and out the entire afternoon to get cold water, fresh slices of watermelon, and a hot dog (or three)? A screened in, bug free area might be your winning dining ala fresca space.

We’d love to hear about your ideal outdoor areas or answer questions you may have about how to set things up. Follow us on Instagram or leave a comment below, or reach out to set up a virtual consultation. We can source every item you’ve ever dreamed of and then some, plus we promise to be sipping sweet tea or lemonade while we design so as to keep the summer theme steady. Grab the sunscreen and we’ll talk to you soon!

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