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The Wallpaper Comeback

October 21, 2018

Wallpaper Comeback 2018

Wallpaper is back, in a big way, and better than ever. When you think of the classic wall covering, you might find yourself traveling back in time to your grandparent’s home where dingy, yellowing, overwhelming patterns were found literally everywhere in the house. You can almost smell it, right? Yikes. Trust us when we say the new and improved version is not your grandmother’s wallpaper. Click through to fall in love with this updated classic. After all, everybody loves a comeback.

Bedroom Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been in America since the 1700’s, but it’s timeline of development dates back hundreds of years earlier with major gains seen throughout Europe. While it never really went away, as displayed in all of our elderly family member’s homes, we saw another huge boom in the 1980’s (we apologize if this brings any upsetting pastel flashbacks). In fact, odds are nearly everyone reading this grew up with some sort of wallpaper in their childhood bedroom or family home. Now that history class is over, it’s time to dive into some new looks we’re using and loving throughout our interior design services in Texas and beyond.

Palm Print Design Ideas2018 Wallpaper BathroomWallpaper on CeilingScreen Shot 2018-06-26 at 9.48.47 PM

Some of the best parts of the 2018 wallpaper comeback have nothing to do with paper and everything to do with technology. New materials offer removable options, which are perfect for rentals or nurseries that will grow in design alongside your growing child. This also means you can be less committed when selecting patterns, colors, and placement, eliminating the pressure to choose absolutely correctly the first time. New technology also means installation is considerably easier than it’s ever been, and the removable process won’t have you in hysterics for days.

Bold Wallspastel living roomNeutral Wallpaper InspirationMetallic Wallpaper

Other advances? You can design your own wallpaper out of any images, maps, or ideas you may have. With new printing processes, wallpapering it up has become a very cost-effective design solution, allowing renters or home owners on a budget to bring in extra luxury and personal touches without breaking the bank. Plus, our ever popular friend and foe, social media, has been driving the train on the wallpaper renewal. Celebs, bloggers, and influencers alike share glimpses of their homes featuring bold, colorful designs plastered across accent walls or entire rooms, really taking the phrase “instagram wall” to a new level.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 6.43.32 PMFun Wallpaper IdeasFun wallpaper 2018Penquin Books Wallpaper

While we’re sure these pictures are giving you all sorts of wallpaper inspo, if you’re still feeling hesitant, there are plenty of small ways to bring this design trend into your home. Consider covering one very small accent wall, such as your entry way or a selected area behind your desk, to add an unexpected burst of color. Place wallpaper behind the shelves of your favorite bookcase, letting the patterns pop behind books or photo frames. Order a sample (or many samples) of a pattern you love and frame the small square, or frame many different options to create a one of a kind gallery wall.

Floral Girls RoomBlack and White Gallery WallBold Red Wall Design

If you’re really feeling wild, consider covering coffee tables or other application-friendly furniture with any wallpaper that enhances your space. Pop a piece of glass over top if you plan to eat, drink, or frequently use the furniture and you’re good to go! Lastly, why not use wallpaper as a headboard? Start behind your bed and take it all the way to the ceiling or only to a designated height, creating the illusion of a very inexpensive, very eye-catching headboard.

Tropical Bedroom Ideas

Mirrors on WallpaperTell us how you plan to use wallpaper in your home, or how you already do, by leaving a comment here or over on Facebook. We’re pretty obsessed so feel free to include pictures or tips on ways you personally love to utilize this classic-turned-contemporary design staple. Need some extra help? We’re here to help you select a wallpaper that feels made for you, and design your new room around it. Give us a shout and we’ll get rolling (yep, couldn’t resist). Happy wallpapering!



Many photos seen here are part of HHC Living’s portfolio, and remain our property, not to be used in any format, at any time, without written permission. Additional photos have been sourced from various outlets including Osborne & Little, Designers Guild, and Ralph Lauren. HHC Living makes no claim of ownership over these photos. We’re happy to give individual credit for each photo, please contact us to claim ownership so we can credit accordingly.

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