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The Spooky Spirit for Halloween 2018

October 23, 2018

HHC Halloween

Halloween is officially one week away – scary, right? If you haven’t quite gotten into the spirit yet, we have several Spooktacular ideas for what to do, plus tons of decorating inspiration via one of our recent interior design projects. After all, what could HHC stand for other than Halloween Home & Co? Grab a favorite candy bar, light that pumpkin candle, and let’s Hocus Focus on having a bewitching Halloween celebration.

Festive Fall DecorThe Costume Contest

Remember when you were little and thought about your Halloween costume all year long? If you’ve lost those festive feelings somewhere along the way, it’s time for a spooky revival. Costumes aren’t just for kids so pick out something silly, scary, or somewhere between, and have fun with it. Need extra motivation? Match with your friends or family for those Squad Ghoul pics, or pair up with your pooch. Once you’ve got your look created, enter a costume contest or find a local family friendly event. Our favorite Halloween costume ideas include famous interior designers or wrapping up in fabric to be your beloved couch or super trendy wallpaper. No? Just us?

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 9.56.04 PMKitchen Interior DesignThe Haunted House

As far as we’re concerned, the whole point of every holiday is getting to decorate your home, but Halloween truly takes it up a notch as there’s nothing too over the top. Subtle spiders, painted pumpkins, or grim gravestones make for a Boo-tiful display. For overachievers in the group, consider selecting a theme that will make your house stand out to trick-or-treaters (so you don’t get stuck with all of that leftover candy). Ready to go all out? Involve yourself in your 2018 Halloween outdoor decor by dressing up on Halloween night and handing out treats (and some thrills, too).

DIY Halloween Deorating IdeasHHC HalloweenThe Ghost Host

Since you’ve already turned your home into a pumpkin palace that rivals every haunted house in town, you might as well have a party. Invite friends, family, and neighbors to Eat, Drink, and Be Scary, and let your inner party planner shine. Have a costume contest, carve pumpkins, bob for apples, or play ghoulish games of any kind. Fill a cauldron with witches brew, whip up deviled monster eggs or pumpkins made from oranges, and be sure to provide plenty of parking for everyone’s broom.

2018Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 10.00.23 PMThe Craftiest Witch

Bust out all the orange and black paint you’ve got, all the glitter you can find, and those pipe cleaners you swore you’d use one day, as Halloween is the perfect time to get your DIY on. Decorations don’t need to be pricey so long as they’re fun and festive. Craft ghosts by using white tissue paper and Styrofoam balls, twist pipe cleaners into creepy crawlers and cut out bats from black paper or card stock. You can use glue and glitter to make sparkly spiderwebs, or items from around the house to create the scariest scarecrow your neighborhood has ever seen. Last but not least, use candy and baked goods as decor, too! There’s nothing like a cleanup process that involves eating treats.

PumpkinSpooky DecoratingThe Scary Snuggle

If you’ll be dressing as an introvert this year, you can still enjoy All Hallows Eve. Pick out a few classic terrifying movies (or Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown, no one’s judging), snuggle up with a throw blanket or two, stock up on delicious treats, light a candle (just not the black flame one) and dim the lights for the perfect viewing session. Remember to leave a bowl of candy and note on your door so no trick-or-treaters interrupt just as you’re singing along to “I Put A Spell On You”.

HHC Living Fall 2018

However you choose to celebrate Halloween 2018, we hope you have a frightfully fun and festive time!

Later this week we will be posting scary treat recipes for your Halloween bash – stay tuned!


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