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The Neutral Nursery

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Anticipating the arrival of a new family member is filled with so many feelings and tasks, it can be hard to stay on track. For interior designers and design fans alike, getting to create a dream nursery is a thrill yet can be overwhelming. Today on the HHC Living blog we’re taking a look at the trendy option of The Neutral Nursery.

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Neutrals can range in color. It’s easy to think of boring and bland rooms when we consider neutrals, however there’s a whole slew of options. When designing a neutral nursery, consider whites, tans, greys, browns, and then expand those colors into additional options. For example, like tans expand into very light shades of orange, allow beige to subtly transition to pink or mauve, and incorporate some grey-blue colors. Neutral tones are whatever you let them be.

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Consider wallpaper. The wallpaper craze is very real right now, as we mentioned here. Wallpaper is a fun way to add personality and design into a bland space without overdoing it. When selecting, opt for something with a pattern or compatible color to your primary hue. Above all else, pick a permanent or removable wallpaper that you genuinely love because you will see it all day (and all night) long.

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Neutral does not mean boring. Can we break this myth right here and now? Designing a neutral nursery doesn’t mean you have no taste, are making a dull space, or are ignoring primary colors in your child’s development. Consider any variety of theme ideas for baby’s room that align with your soothing shades. Try out a safari feel featuring tans or very subtle greens, baby animals will bring delight in whites and yellows, rustic designs will work in browns, look up to the stars for an astrology design featuring greys, whites, and blacks, or embrace your inner wanderlust with a travel or map themed nursery featuring shades of sand and sea. Repeat after us: you do not need a bright orange paint or red, yellow, and blue decor to make the best nursery ever. We promise.


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Neutrals grow as baby does. That lovely shade of grey mist you opted to paint the walls? It’s going to look awesome when it’s time to create a “big kid” room, and will pair perfectly as you head into the teenagers years. Will that kiddo want a cloud mural at 15? Probably not. Will you want to paint over it for an entire Saturday? Definitely not. Set yourself up for easy design transitions by opting for a neutral design now.

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It’s not about gender. Often times, folks can confuse a “neutral nursery” with a gender neutral design plan. Regardless if you find out the sex of your baby, designing their room is all about what aligns with the style of the home, your decor tastes, and the environment you want your little one to grow in. A passion for soothing spaces may be your personal motivation, while not having to paint the perfectly crisp white walls may drive another toward this choice. And it is just that, your choice! While everyone may share their opinion, the only thing that matters is trusting your vision. Plus, once baby arrives, it’ll never be this neat and pretty again, so you might as well enjoy it.

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Let us know in the comments what your dream nursery would look like! Did you opt for something neutral? What was the theme? We’re excited to find out!



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