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Tea For Two



Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons to host guests over for food, fun, or celebrations. While large gatherings are great, sometimes smaller and simpler is sweeter. Check out some of our spaces designed with two people in mind, along with a tea selection inspired by the design.

Outdoor Seating For Two

The only thing missing from this trendy outdoor space is your best friend, a little bit of gossip, and a whole lot of sweet tea. While nothing beats home made southern sweet tea, if you’re in a hurry, pick up some Gold Peak Sweet Tea and pour it into your favorite pitcher (we promise not to tell).

Open Floor Plan HHC Living Tx

This beautifully designed section was designed to impress and is the perfect place to host your co-worker, new neighbor, or mother-in-law. The open floor plan flows seamlessly right into the kitchen, so store bought won’t do here. Bring out your best china, boil water, and provide a selection of Harney & Sons (ideally arranged on a tray your guest gifted you).

Cozy Chairs Guest Room

This pair of chairs is made for a pair of new parents to collapse into once the baby falls asleep, and attempt to catch up on each other’s day. Boil some water (or heat up water in the microwave, no judgement here) and pop a Sleepytime tea bag into each cup. Odds are you’ll fall asleep before you ever get a sip, but it smells delicious and the chairs are extremely comfortable, with pillows for extra back support. Enjoy the tea cold when your little one wakes you up again in two hours.

HHC Living Design Velvet Chairs

Plush, velvet, and inviting, this set of gorgeous chairs is designed for parents whose kids have long grown up. This is the place to sit and laugh about how terrible those first few years were, do the crossword in the newspaper, and video chat with your grand kids. A classic pair deserves a classic cup of hot, black tea from Lipton.

Sunroom Chair Pairs HHC Design

Invite your mom over to sit in this sunshine filled nook, fill her in on all your latest drama, and have lunch and tea together. Brew up some delicious Zen tea from Tazo, or pop through the Starbucks drive through if you’re running a little behind. Fix yours with almond milk, regular milk for mom, and remember to let her have the chair with the ottoman.

HHC Living Seating For Two

Who says pairs have to match? Design can include quirky, yet balanced, spaces, just like this refreshing nook. Settle in with your nephew (he gets the bean bag, of course) and let him teach you how to play his favorite video game. Pick any tea you’d like to serve so long as there are also cookies. And brownies. And maybe some chips. After all, he’ll need his energy to explain how to use the controller (for the third time).

All of the photos seen here are part of our design portfolio here at HHC Living, and we’d love to add your home to our ever-growing portfolio. Whether you’re looking to create a perfect spot for two, or a spacious home for ten, we’ve got you covered. Give us a ring anytime, and we’ll set up a time to talk. Be sure to let us know what type of tea to fix.


All photos are property of HHC Living and may not be used in any way, altered or as-is, at any time, without written permission.

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