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Signs it’s Time to Design!

When looking for the best interior designer in the Lubbock, Texas area, it can be challenging to know where to start. While perusing websites and gathering inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest, you may find yourself slightly overwhelmed and wondering if you’re even ready to begin interior design work on your home.

Here’s a quick guide to know if you’re ready to start your design project!

Dining Seats

You’ve never used your dining room. Ever.

Other than storing stacks of papers you keep meaning to go through, your dining room is that one space that’s never used. When hosting friends and family, everyone gathers in the kitchen or on the deck, but never once have meals been shared around the, you know, actual dining table. For some, this may be your formal living room or that bonus room you’ve never known what to do with.

As the top interior designers in northwest Texas, we love to help you use each room in ways that work for your family. If you’re never going to be the type who needs a formal dining room, let’s use the space to create your dream kitchen, turn it into an office, or finally fulfill that open floor plan idea. Finding that you’re not utilizing your entire home is a perfect sign it’s time to start designing.

Hiring an Interior DesignerEarthy Tones for your living roomMoody Winter DesignLiving Room Art

No one can tell an adult lives in your home.




While that sounds a little harsh, take a quick look around and see if you can spy any pieces of furniture you’ve carried with you from your college days. See any hand-me-downs from your grandparents? Another quick test is to see if you have a proper bed, and dare we say it, a headboard. Curtains and art work waiting to be hung up more than a month after you moved in may also tip you off. While it may not look like a full blown frat house or a garage sale, if your home looks pieced together or like you’ve got many roommates all with different design styles, it’s time to bring in the professionals.

Working one on one with your designer, you can create a space that reflects your true self that you’ve finally grown into. You’re a hardworking, interesting human, and you deserve to have a home that shows the world who you’ve become.

HHC Living Design Velvet Chairs2019 Design IdeasAdulting Home DesignFun wallpaper 2018

Your family has grown – or grown up!


An excellent time to pair with a pro is when you realize the princess room you made for your little one doesn’t exactly match the teenager currently living in it. When kids age out of their rooms and want something that matches their current selves, finding the time (or desire) to design can be tough. Hiring luxury interior designers takes all the pressure off, not to mention probably saving a family fight or two. Another prime time to team up is when you’re planning to expand your family with another child, are anticipating your in-laws moving in, or have a grown child returning home long or short term.

Anytime your kids are not so little any longer, or there are more people joining you in your home, it’s a great time to find an interior designer by you!

Fun Tween RoomsPeter Pan Room Design by HHC LivingHHC Living Blue BedroomWallpaper trends 2019

Ordinary doesn’t thrill you.

When you’ve gone through every Crate & Barrel catalogue, the entire Target website, and have exhausted yourself in each department store but still can’t find the design desires of your heart, it’s time to bring in the professionals. Something you may not know is that HHC Living has access to tons of vendors with endless options to create the home of your dreams. Interior Designers have furniture, paint, and decor suppliers that normal folks cannot work directly with so we’re able to bring the very best to you!

If ensuring your space doesn’t look exactly like everyone else’s home or you love having the latest and greatest, hiring a design team may be a right fit for you.

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You’re ready to truly love your home.


The overall feel to your house should thrill and delight you, along with aligning authentically with who you are at this stage of life. When you come in from a long day of work or after a vacation, it should feel like a sanctuary. If stepping foot into your entryway adds stress or frustration, it’s time to get going with your design dreams. Whether you need small touches or major renovations, you deserve to love where you live. Working with the premiere interior team in Lubbock will have you completely in love with your home before you know it, and as the saying goes, there’s no place like home.

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Now that you’ve finished this post, we’d love to hear from you. Leave us a comment and tell us what makes you ready to design the home of your dreams!



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