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Peter Pan Inspired Design

Peter Pan Room Design by HHC Living

In celebration of the 65th Anniversary of Walt Disney’s “Peter Pan”, Disney has released the Signature Collection edition of the classic film. As of today, “Peter Pan” is available on Blue-ray, DVD, digital, and on Disney Movies Anywhere.

We’re celebrating by revealing one of our most magical room designs to date. Follow the second star to the right and straight on…to the Continue Reading button below.

This design took a little faith, trust, and pixie dust, along with a lot of creativity. While there are tons of ways to incorporate a bit of Disney magic into your home, the most important choice one must make is whether to err on the side of subtle or go all out. For this Peter Pan inspired bedroom, we kept things subtle, mostly alluding to the wildly popular children’s movie.

Peter Pan themed room by HHC Living in Texas

The pirate ship feature, seen above, is a nod toward Captain Hook’s boat. The Jolly Roger, as it’s known by mega fans of the film, not only served as the home of Hook and Smee, but also flew the Darling children home at the end of the movie (once Tinker Bell covered it in pixie dust, of course). You can work any type of pirate ship into your Peter Pan inspired nursery or guest room, whether it’s classic, cartoon, tangible or a wall decal.

Speaking of decals, we opted to use a removable wall decal of everyone’s favorite boy from Neverland. The decal we chose hints at the idea of Peter’s shadow, and where better to place it than directly over the window, since that’s his favorite way to enter and exit rooms.

Disney inspired decals are wildly popular and there are so many options for a bedroom inspired by Peter Pan! You can choose all of the main characters soaring above London, Tinker Bell and her beloved fairy dust, or any number of cherished quotes from the Disney classic film. What Peter Pan quote would you choose for a nursery? What characters would you put in a playroom? Be sure to comment below and let us know!

Creative Peter Pan room design

Another fun idea to create a magical Peter Pan room is to work in the storybook, as seen here, or vintage movie posters. If the placement of the book makes you do a double take, don’t worry, you’re not seeing things. That is, in fact, a crocodile stuffed animal clutching the classic Little Golden Book with it’s jaws of plush. A croc, especially one with a clock (look behind it!), is the perfect witty reference to Walt’s 1953 smash hit.

Should you be feeling bold, tear out the pages of your Peter Pan book and frame them, or arrange across a blank wall. The design we created above, in the same home, can give you inspiration. You can also use sheet music from classic songs like “Neverland” or “You Can Fly” to create art or make mock wall paper.

When it comes to doing a DIY Peter Pan design for your home, you truly can’t go wrong. If you’re feeling up for a challenge, scour garage sales for old books or VHS tapes to use, or peruse Etsy for any of their seemingly endless Peter Pan decor. Need a bit of an easier go at it? Hit up Shop Disney for dolls, books, stuffed animals, wall art, and more. Overwhelmed by the idea of flying solo? Give us a call and we’ll work with you to create a room so fun, you’ll Never Grow Up. Whatever path you choose, remember to think happy thoughts.

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