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Perfect Pillow Picks

Trendy Throw PillowsWhen it comes to pillows, the eternal question remains: how many pillows is too many? Fortunately, just as in calculus and as in Mean Girls, the limit does not exist. Throw pillows are the one item you truly can never have enough of. Click through to get inspired, make your perfect picks, and discover new ways to showcase decorative pillows throughout your home.

HHC Living Throw PillowsWhile you probably have accent pillows on your bed and couch, we bet you’re missing out on some other perfect pillow placements. Consider popping a pillow on kitchen chairs, bar stools, or in cozy reading nooks, or on entryway benches. Why not layer a few oversized cozy squares on the floor for kiddos and extra seating? Ready to replace old ones? Let your past favorites find their way to the basement lounge area, playroom, tree house, or other kid friendly spaces.

After you’ve covered the inside of your home, head outside and use outdoor pillows on your patio set, porch swing, or in the sunroom. Pick one out for the hammock, a few for the kid’s favorite wagon, and add a lumber cushion to the passenger seat of your car. See? Pillows truly work anywhere and everywhere.TraditionalCozy Chairs Guest RoomFun Kids PillowsBlue and White RoomsPurple PillowsMoody Winter DesignOne of the best parts about adding decorative pillows to your home is their magical ability to change the entire feel of a space in a snap! Since you determined your personal design style in last week’s blog post, you can use throw pillows to try out your new interior design looks.

Still not sure what look you want to create? Find a cute cushion you love and build an entire room around it! Pull colors from the pattern for paint, match bedding or furniture options to it, or let the overall feel of it set the tone for your space. It’s like building a room around art but on a small, less expensive scale.

Outdoor PillowsHHC Living Blue BedroomRed and BlueMinimalistic Decor2019 Design IdeasHHC Living PortfolioSo many things about building your dream home can seem stressful but throw pillows are pure fun. Have a blast shopping for square, round, oval, and rectangular pillows. Go for bolsters, lumbar support, oversized, or small cushions. Consider mixing patterns with solids, tassels, beading, and materials ranging from velvet to faux fur.

Find inspiration right here in this blog post, in the HHC Living portfolio, or on instagram. Enjoy the process and remember to have a few giggle-filled, joyful pillow fights along the way. That’s the true test of a throw pillow, after all.

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