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Palm Print Paradise

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 11.05.15 AMWhen it comes to summer trends, pineapple and flamingo are really having their day to shine. Everywhere you look there seems to be another pineapple pillow or flamingo inspired decor. These design symbols are so popular they’ve generated their own sayings and memes, found all over social media. Yet there’s truly only one iconic print that’s been around for decades. That’s right, it’s time to get our Palm on.

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The Palm Print, also known as the Banana Leaf Print, or the Palm Leaf Print, has been ruling the roost since the 1930’s! Iconic American decorator and designer, Dorothy Draper, first launched the palm into pop culture when she utilized it for her “Brazilliance” wallpaper in two classic hotels. Turns out Ms. Draper not only had an eye for design, but also for puns. Many designers have followed suit since then, particularly in hotel design, including Don Loper in 1942 for the Beverly Hills Hotel, all the way to Dorothy’s protege, Carelton Varney, who utilized the print as recently as 2009 at the Greenbriar Hotel.

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 11.13.00 AMScreen Shot 2018-06-26 at 10.09.01 PM

While you may not be designing a hotel any time soon, you can be just as classic as Dorothy and incorporate the timeless palm trend into your own home. A highly versatile print, the banana palm can seamlessly work both indoors and out, adorning everything from pillows to paintings to beach towels. The Palm Print is also your friend when it comes to budget and somehow works in both inexpensive rooms all the way to the fanciest remodels around. You may also notice a certain print found right on our homepage as HHC Living fully embraces the palm print.

When it comes to trends and bold patterns, many clients get nervous as to whether they’ll still love the look a decade or two down the road. Fear not when it comes to bringing the palm leaf look into your own home, as this nature inspired element has been around for well over 75 years. Clearly this look can stand the test of time, remaining fresh, invigorating, and playful for years to come.


Looking for a unique way to add a little palm into your place without going with a traditional palm print? Consider a leaf-inspired ceiling fan, or even some real (or fake) palm plants! While we love the banana leaf, consider a friendly alternative like the super trendy Fiddle-leaf Fig that seems to be popping up on instagrams everywhere.

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If the palm print entices you, pick out a smaller item, like the palm print pillow above or perhaps a set of banana leaf plates, and try it out. If you’re ready to dive into palm full-time, give us a shout and we’ll start talking about palm leaf wallpaper, banana leaf bedding, palm print curtains, and more. Fair warning though, we can talk about this for hours. Ideally in a tropical location. With a drink in hand.

Ready to get your palm on? Share how you’d use the palm print in your own home on Facebook or right here in the comments.



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