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Outdoor Furniture For Your Best Summer Ever

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With Spring upon us, and Summer rapidly approaching, we’re hope there’s one thought, and one thought only on your mind: how can I be the go-to spot for warm weather gatherings? The struggle is real, friend. You didn’t spend weeks searching for a home that offered excellent outdoor space only to never host any events, right? Don’t worry, when it comes to outdoor furniture, we’ve got you covered. Get some SPF on, bust out the baby pool, and get ready to dive in to all things outdoor living.

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If you want to host a lot of people, two absolute musts are good food and lots of seating. While you’re on your own when it comes to manning the grill, consider us the experts on outdoor seating options for backyard events. Your guests are going to be drawn to comfy, inviting outdoor chairs, couches, and chaises. Our ultimate seating secret is to make sure you include a swivel. No guest, young or old, will be able to resist an outdoor swivel chair, take our word for it.

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Since you’ve gone to the trouble of preparing delicious appetizers and entrees so unbelievably good you find yourself wondering yet again how the Food Network hasn’t come calling, you definitely want to have space for your loved ones to eat. Enter in outdoor tables for summer entertaining! Whether you have a patio, backyard, sunroom, or small balcony, you need a great table. Since tables are typically large, eye catching pieces, you want to consider both your style preferences and the size of the space you have available before selecting an outdoor dining table.

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Now that you’ve got the basics, it’s time to accessorize. Consider the types of gatherings you’d like to throw and who will be using your space the most. Have kiddos? Skip the fire ring and go for an old fashioned rope swing. Holding soirees for all adults? Bring on the breakables and bar carts. Don’t forget something for Fido, and a bird house for your fine-feathered guests. If you’re seeking tips on how to decorate a sunroom, consider wall art, mirrors, or decor items that can handle a lot of sun and wind. One of the best parts of designing an outdoor space to entertain in, is that you can select bold colors and patterns you may otherwise opt out of. Bring on the bright colors, friend, you didn’t get through winter to be bored by your own decor.


Having dedicated outdoor furniture may seem like an unnecessary investment, but selecting high quality outdoor tables and chairs is a must as these items are made from materials that can stand up to all sorts of weather and maintain excellent quality against the test of time (and water fights, and ketchup stains, of course).

If you’re seeking to create your dream outdoor living space, HHC Living would love to help! Reach out to let us know what you’re thinking of, how we can help, and with any questions you may have. And yes, once we’ve helped design the backyard you’ve always wanted, we’d love to come to your next get-together. Great food, good people, and gorgeous design is exactly the way we love to kick off summer.

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