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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors in the bathroom

While each home as their own unique interior design style, there are certain elements one is guaranteed to find in each house, regardless of the overall look. One of those mainstays? Mirrors. Take a peek into how mirrors can reflect all of the best parts of your home, and hide away some of the shortcomings.

Brighten Dark Rooms

Mirrors naturally reflect light. Aside from showing us how gorgeous we look each day, it’s one of the best aspects of mirrors. By placing a mirror (or five) across from windows, or in nooks that traditionally catch light, you’re amplifying and quite literally doubling the light in your home without any fancy upgrades.


Mirrors as decorVanity Mirrors

Use As Inexpensive Art

Purchasing, renovating, or decorating your home are all naturally expensive situations. Often times, an easy element to ignore is including art. Seen as an indulgence or unnecessary (and pricey!), art quickly gets knocked off the list. Using mirrors as a replacement for art or wall decor is a simple solution. Plus, as many varieties of mirrors can be found at estate or garage sales, or at lower cost box stores, nearly everyone can afford a few new interesting mirrors.

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Make Small Rooms Larger

As anyone who’s ever lived in a tiny apartment can tell you, creating design within a small space can make you feel like you’re quickly out of options. Without meaning to, one may highlight the restrictions as opposed to subtlety hiding them. If you’re in a small space at the moment, meet your new best friend: mirrors. Use higher placement to draw one’s eye upward, elongating the height of your room. Place mirrors vertically along taller walls, and horizontally along wide walls so you expand your space with one simple element.

Fun wallpaper 2018Mirrors as textureClean Minimalistic Bathroom Design

Add Texture

Mirrors have another super power in their ability to add texture to any space. Consider the frame, shape, and design of the mirrors you’re selecting. Want to add some rustic vibes? Choose a natural wooden frame. Seeking chic? Go full on stainless steel with sparkly accents. Making a bold statement? Find the largest mirror your room can handle and set it up in a prominent place. Also factor in whatever is being reflected in your mirror as to the texture and energy it will add to your space.

Trio of MirrorsInteresting Mirrors for BathroomMirror Gallery Wall

Our homes offer an exceptional opportunity to create the surroundings we want to see reflected in our lives. By adding mirrors throughout your home you’re multiplying your space, opportunities, light, people, and views, among many other things. What do you want to see more of in your own home, family, or life? How can mirrors reflect that inside the rooms of your home? Tell us how you love to utilize mirrors in your own home, or how you plan to, by leaving a comment below.



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