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Increase Productivity With Interior Design

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Interior Design is more than just creating a beautiful space. While we love designing stunning homes for families in Texas and New Mexico, making functional and inspiring spaces is just as important. Today, we’re sharing our top tips for using interior design to increase productivity.

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Focus On Lighting

Lighting can make or break your productivity levels. Think about it, is there anything you’d rather do on a dark, stormy day than curl up with a cozy blanket, watch movies, and get absolutely nothing done? Exactly our point.

Enhance natural lighting in your work spaces by selecting large windows that allow for sunlight to flood in. Strategically place table lamps, floor lamps, and overhead lighting throughout your home to amplify brightness. If spaces are too dark or hard to see in, tasks are relegated to daytime hours only, or put off completely. When your kitchen, home office, and living room are filled with the right level of lighting, you’ll find yourself checking off items on your to-do list with ease.

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Pick A Good Chair

Imagine settling in to your home office only to find the chair you chose for your desk becomes uncomfortable after twenty minutes of sitting. Not the best for productivity. By selecting a seat that supports you physically, you can keep your mental energy on the tasks at hand.

The same rule applies if you often find yourself working at your kitchen island and need to find the perfect counter stools, or if you prefer to work on your patio, requiring exceptional outdoor seating. Whatever the case, don’t get too cozy or you’ll risk succumbing to an afternoon nap.

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Leave Work Where Work Should Be

Using interior design to increase productivity means thoughtfully designating what areas of your home are intended for work, which are for rest, and those that are meant for play. Once your team of designers has completed their work, it’s up to you to maintain those boundaries.

If you work from home, decide when you’re done for the day, firmly stick to it, and don’t return to your office until the following morning. Should you bring projects home with you from the office, determine what room you’ll complete them in, and then leave it there. It’s a good rule of thumb to never bring work into your bedroom or living room, so you can fully rest and relax.

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Enhance With Color

There are several theories regarding attributes to certain colors. For example, many ascribe to the idea that shades of green are soothing, and therefore great for master bedrooms. Blue is considered best for boosting creativity and inspiration. Red is known to energize and create a warm, loving environment.

While this may or may not be true, we can all agree that each of us are drawn to certain hues. If a bright kitchen encourages you to incorporate a sunshine shade of yellow, go for it. If the warm hue of Living Coral inspires you just as much as it does the folks at Pantone, paint your office with gusto. Don’t worry too much about whether there’s a deeper meaning or better choice, simply select colors that motivate you. When searching for an interior designer, ask their input on how to best to utilize color in your home.

Color For Creativity

We hope these tips for inspiring productivity within your home were helpful. Please leave a comment below with your favorite tip for being productive. We can’t wait to see!


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