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Holidays 2018: Your Decorating Style

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Have you ever walked into a store filled to the brim with holiday decorations and immediately felt overwhelmed? With so many seasonal decorating options, it’s easy to get lost somewhere between poinsettias and pops of pink. Today, we’re using some of our favorite holiday designs here at HHC Living to help you determine what your personal decorating style is, once and for all.

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Glam DecorGlamorous BaublesScreen Shot 2018-12-18 at 7.30.34 PMLuxe Holiday DecorFresh Luxurious Holiday


Your decorating moto: what’s the point of holiday decorations if there isn’t a little sparkle? Tinsel is a great place to start but your style includes all things that shimmer and shine. Glam takes the old and makes it new, brings in tons of lights, and gives new meaning to silver and gold. Multiple Christmas trees, all with their own unique theme, reflect your love of style, while luxury items add the perfect touch. Ornaments, table settings, garland, throw pillows, and even wrapping paper are all taken up a notch (or two), elevated by metallic details. For this type of seasonal shine, there’s no such thing as too much, and you live up to your fabulous ways by changing out the decor in every room in your home. Spring bedding for Wintertime? Nope, we didn’t think so. Go on with your glamorous self, and get to decorating! You’ve only got a week left to finish up.


Just a touch too glamorous for your liking? You may very well be…

PointsettiaVintage Santa ClausDecorationsScreen Shot 2018-12-18 at 5.17.13 PMChristmas OrnamentsSanta and SleighClassic Holiday TreatsCLASSIC

Have every family heirloom including a solid variety of Santa Claus figurines from years gone by? Is every inch of your home completely covered in decor? Do you start decorating somewhere in the middle of November? If you’re nodding along enthusiastically, you might be a Classic Christmas Decorator. Other signs include utilizing Red, Green, Gold, Silver, and White, and no other colors at all. You guffaw at the pink and teal decorations you’ve seen popping up over the last few years, and we shouldn’t even get you started on shades of blue. If you do add colors, it’s multi-colors, as in the old-school outdoor lights you inherited from your grandparents. You do not mess when it comes to tradition. Blast that Bing Crosby while you bake the secret family cookie recipe and embrace the Classic Christmas angel that you are.


If Classic doesn’t resonate, perhaps you are…

HHC Living Romantic Holiday DesignChritmas Trees in BedroomBathroomScreen Shot 2018-12-18 at 5.04.42 PMGuest Room Christmas DecorChristmas Tree StyleFestive Living Room 2018


Wondering if you’re holiday decorating style is Romantic? Here’s how to tell: you love seamlessly blending in soft pinks, soothing shades of white, and subtle bits of gold or glitter. Your whole home whisper-shouts “comfortable” with tons of oversized pillows, incredibly comfortable throw blankets, and plenty of plush seating options, all welcoming in your guests who’ve traveled from far away. Skipping festive decor in every bedroom? Not you, you romantic dreamboat. When you decorate, you lovingly do so in every space, sighing as you remember the memory of each and every ornament and candle you set out (of course you have candles out!). Put those Christmas records on and get cozy in your favorite jammies with a cup of hot chocolate, and breathe in all the love.


Too much fluff and fuss for you? Your decorating style may be…

Simple DecoratingFestive ReindeerScreen Shot 2018-12-18 at 4.51.10 PMSimple Christmas OrnamentsHome For The Holidays


If you’re decorating vibes are all about keeping things simple, you tend to use items you already have in your home, or strategically place holiday decor on bookshelves, countertops, or tables, weaved in between everyday household goods. Going overboard is not your thing, and subtle keeps you happy. You’ll select new pieces that work for more than just the holidays, such as plaid bedding, or even focus on elements that offer multiple uses, such as cookies and candy that look cute on display and work as desserts. Do your thing, simple decorator, your loved ones will shine brightly and truly make your holiday look complete.

Holiday Survival Guide 2018

Now that you’ve read our guide, what is your decorating style for the 2018 holiday season? Leave us a comment below or on our HHC Living Facebook page and remember to share this post with anyone who needs a little festive boost in the right direction!

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We hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends this year.



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