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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018


When it comes to buying gifts for dad, the struggle is real. With Father’s Day 2018 coming up this weekend, the yearly journey to figure out the perfect present for pops is on. We’ve broken down gift ideas for dad into personality types. Find your papa’s personality type and then get to shopping. You’re welcome in advance.

HHC Living Texas Closet Design

The Style Snoozer

If your dad has been rocking the same tees since you were in Kindergarten, he’s due for an upgrade. Our love for design extends beyond the services we offer for homes here at HHC Living, and good style is another way to display design in your everyday life. But how do you get him to shop when he won’t step foot in a mall? Enter in Trunk Club. Sent as often as you’d like, this subscription based clothing service for men will have dad looking sharp in no time.


HHC Living Outdoor Paradise

The Other Outdoors-man

For fathers who believe being an Outdoorsman means relaxing in a comfortable chair with an ice cold drink, while outdoors, of course, the dream gift is his own personal outdoor oasis. We’ll handle the design, planning, and creation of his very own patio, bar and grill, or outdoor man-cave. You’ll only have to let us know if he’d like a fireplace and a flat screen, or just the flat screen. Tell us what would make dad’s jaw drop and we’ll get the ball rolling. Need inspo? We’ve got you covered here.


HHC Living Dad's Kitchen

The Top Chef

If the dad in your life finds himself happiest in the kitchen, hook him up with brand new appliances, boost his storage systems, give him a kitchen makeover, set him up with a weekly food delivery subscription service (Meat of the Month club, need we say more?), or fancy culinary lessons. Feeling extra bold? For father’s day 2018, offer to cook his all time favorite meal, and don’t forget dessert.


Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.06.19 PM

The Film Buff

If there’s nothing dad loves more than gathering the family in the living room to watch a movie together, MoviePass has got his name all over it. Cover the $10/month subscription that lets pops pick as many movies per month as he’d like to see (one per day). This perfect father’s day gift does come with a caveat as he’ll most definitely call you after every film to discuss his thoughts. Consider it a small price to pay in exchange for every time you made him sit through yet another cinematic classic starring the Olsen twins or Jonathan Taylor Thomas (sorry about that, dads of 90’s kids).


Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

The Time Tracker

Last but not least, if your dad loves nothing more than spending time together, give him what he truly wants. Make his day by offering to help him with the yard work, clean out the garage together, or go for a long run. Don’t gripe when you get covered in dirt and be sure to laugh at his dad jokes. After all, is there any better gift than time spent with loved ones? Looks like dad is still teaching us a thing or two.


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We hope our gift guide for father’s day 2018 was helpful! Have a unique gift idea? Share with us on Facebook. However you’re celebrating, and whomever you’re celebrating, we wish you a great day celebrating the dads in your life.



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