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Fall Textures To Try

pumpkins as table decor

Now that Fall 2019 has officially begun, it’s time to start transforming your home from summer fun to harvest season. Here are some textures to try out this autumn!

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This one is a bit obvious as once September hits, we start to see plaid and flannel everywhere. Not just for outfits, plaid looks great in the form of napkins, pillows, or picnic blankets for afternoons in your backyard. Flannel sheets are also simply a must once temperatures really cool down.

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As it turns out, hay is not just for horses. If you’ve ever been to a pumpkin picking farm, you’ve seen hay in stunning fall vignettes. Grab a few from your local home goods or seed supply shop (or something less allergy inducing from Michaels, we won’t judge) and stack and arrange each bale to your heart’s delight.


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What says fall like burlap? Incorporate this versatile material into your tablescapes or front porch design for a fresh look. Use as a base to other materials or on it’s own to keep things simple. Burlap can be used in big ways (like a table runner) or small (wrapped around a mason jar filled with seasonal flowers).

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If you’re really leaning into the colder seasons, start working some soft sherpa materials into your home. The classic neutral colors in tans, off-whites, and crisp white will transition effortlessly right into winter but still pair perfectly with pumpkins and acorns until then. Sherpa rugs, ottomans, or even plush, cozy dog beds make excellent additions.

You can also try out linen, rattan, dried flowers, festive patterns, classics like corduroy, or fall inspired metals. What textiles or textures make you think of fall? What decor are you itching to bust out of storage? Leave us a comment for fall inspiration!



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