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Exterior Updates For Every Budget

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While we’re all about designing interiors, there’s a major additional home design element we discuss slightly less here on the HHC Living Blog. That, of course, is the exterior of a home. While the interiors are what you see most, the exterior of your house is what you literally come home to every single day.

Let’s take a closer look at home exteriors and updates for every budget.

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If you’re building your home from scratch, you truly have endless choices. Most folks, however, are purchasing or renting homes that are already pretty much finished. Let’s consider both options as we consider the great outdoors (of your house).

For really big changes, including custom builds, materials and upgrades are where it’s at. You have your pick from stone, brick, cement, vinyl, and more, to create the exterior look of your dreams. You’ll want to opt for durable and high quality options, along with considering upgrades like a solar panel roof. Building or re-modeling allows you to choose placement of doors and windows to emphasize light and air flow. Other high level options include adding on patios, decks, porches, or sun-rooms to maximize your outdoor entertaining zones.

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If you’re already settled into your home or have a moderate budget, there are still plenty of changes to be made. Your new best friend, paint, is ready to spend a lot of time with you or the professionals you hire. Painting the entire exterior of a house makes a massive change. If you’re into painting but that idea seems a little overwhelming, paint your trim, front door, or garage for another powerful impact. Change out shutters or re-face your driveway to round out your shiny new look.

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If your budget is more modest, don’t fret. Beautiful upgrades are still yours for the taking! Pick out a new mailbox (pops of color welcome here), add a fancy new door knocker, or opt for home address numbers that reflect personality or design style. Consider window boxes full of real or fake flowers as a positive and easy exterior update that will bring smiles to the entire neighborhood!

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Speaking of flowers, it’s time to move on to landscaping. Is there anything more beautiful than a freshly mowed lawn accompanied with a stunning landscaped look? Talk about curb appeal. In addition to having happy neighbors, creating curb appeal will increase the value of your home for re-sale. Work with a local landscape designer or pick plants that pair with seasonal temperatures in your area. Garden gnomes are optional.

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Last but not least, our final idea for updating the exterior of your house in 2019 is truly budget friendly. We’re all about that decor! Go wild with benches, pillows, planters, doormats, flags, and anything that lights your fancy. Speaking of, consider lighting! String lights, lanterns, or porch lights all work. Outdoor furniture of any kind brings a new pep in the step of a home’s outdoor look. Pillows, throws, baskets, and anything that helps extend your living space outside is a win.

What do you love about the exterior of your home? What would you change? Let us know in the comments below! As always, we’re here for all of your design needs anytime.



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