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Don’t Forget To Decorate!

Silver and White holiday decorating

Decorating for the holiday season is a fun way to prepare your home for guests or to simply enjoy the seasonal decor for yourself. While living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens are always go-to decorating spots, we tend to forget about many other places in our houses. Check out our top three picks for places you don’t want to forget to decorate to bring a little something extra to the season.

Guest Room Christmas DecorChritmas Trees in Bedroom

Bedrooms are an often looked over area for Christmas decorating! Why not add a fake tree decorated in glamorous silver and gold, or pinks and whites, to give you those festive feelings as soon as you wake up. If your kids are in charge of decorating the main family tree, this one can be just for you. Plus, there’s nothing like laying in bed at night with sparkly lights filling the room. It’s magical and special, your own little holiday retreat.

Consider also decorating guest rooms so your loved ones feel welcomed, or adding fun characters and lights to your children’s bedrooms. You may not want a Christmas Paw Patrol pup in your living room but in your youngest’s room? Go for it.

BathroomChristmas Ornaments

Another often missed spot for winter wonderlands are the bathrooms in your home. Decorate in a small way by adding simple garland and a candle that smells like fresh fir. Go big by adding red bows, plaid decor, and snowflakes a plenty to the primary bathroom or one specially designated for kids. You can also consider updating hand towels to fit the season or drawing on mirrors with erasable markers.

Add a bowl of mints, fun holiday soaps, peppermint hand lotion, and any other Christmasy items your guests may enjoy using. Bells on the door and a new bath mat will truly round out your bathroom decorations.


DecorationsVintage Santa Claus

Last but not least, we encourage you to decorate your laundry room. With the winter months upon us, we’re all wearing plenty of layers. Multiply that times the amount of family members and you’ve got piles of laundry. If you’ll be in there getting everything clean, why not enjoy the sights? Vintage Santa, gaudy reindeer, items that were passed down or from your childhood, or anything that makes you smile is perfect for this spot. In other words, you can decorate with goodies you may not want in the main areas of your home but things you’d still like to see out this time of year.

If you’re not into decorating the entire room, swap out your laundry basket for something seasonal, hang a wooden sign with holiday greetings, or string up cards from years passed.

What’s your favorite room to decorate in your home? Is there a special place you decorate that most people forget? Tell us in the comments!



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