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Color Story: Indigo

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In our newest series, we’re excited to bring you a closer look at color. As interior designers, color is a primary building block and important tool in our trade. Colors spark inspiration, tell stories, and are woven throughout our lives, special memories, and homes.

First up, we’re diving deep into Indigo.

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Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions indigo? Perhaps it’s a deep shade of blue or hints of purple that fill your vision. For others, dyed fabrics and unique tapestries immediately present themselves. While it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what indigo looks like in the world, it’s evident that it’s a fluid hue, both in shade and variety of uses. This is part of the magic of indigo, not-quite-this and not-quite-that, yet striking, useful, and found everywhere.

Fast Facts:

  • Originated in India
  • May be mistaken for navy, black, deep purple, or dark blue
  • Pairs well with teal, cream, white, and light blue
  • Frequently found in fabrics, rugs, and artwork

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Indigo originated in India as it was originally produced from a certain kind of plant only found within the country. It made it’s way to Greece, Italy, and parts of Asia, but it wasn’t until the 15th Century that we saw a major indigo boom, once ships were able to actually get to India. #HistoryLesson. It’s one of the oldest dyes used on textiles and has a rich international history.

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While the original process to get indigo was complicated, we’re now lucky to have access anytime we want due to the synthetic production of indigo. While it’s used in many fabrics for various purposes such as bedding or home decor, you may come into contact with indigo most frequently when wearing jeans, as it’s one of the main ingredients when creating denim.

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Indigo is an extremely versatile color that will work in nearly any room in every home. Fast ways to incorporate indigo into your home include artwork, throw pillows, dishes, or pottery. More committed options include painting a wall (or an entire room!) indigo, purchasing a new rug featuring an indigo pattern, or finding a tile featuring this hue for a kitchen backsplash or bathroom makeover.

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Thanks for checking out our first color series! Let us know what color you’d love to see featured here!



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