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Christmas In July




While Independence Day was only a week ago, which we celebrated by sharing our favorite red, white, and blue designs, we’re already focused on our second favorite holiday celebration this month: Christmas in July!

Ready to feel the holiday spirit and pretend as though it isn’t a billion degrees in Texas? Click through to get your Christmas on.

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Are you feeling those holiday vibes yet? For extra festive fun, pop on some of your favorite Christmas music, sip on some hot cocoa (whilst in air conditioning), or shop any seasonal sales you may find this month. You can also join in for Hallmark Channel’s annual Christmas in July event! Each year, the family channel brings back their beloved holiday films for two weeks in July. You can celebrate Christmas Keepsake Week on the Hallmark Channel beginning this Friday, July 13th, 2018.

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While the sweltering summer heat may have you thinking we’ll never make it to fall, the 2018 holiday season is actually just around the corner. Halloween will be here in a short 16 weeks, and Christmas is only 24 weeks away!

The time is guaranteed to fly so be sure to get to all of your summer home renovation and design projects completed soon. Have a room you’d like to remodel? Need interior design for your brand new house? We’d love to help you create a home where you can celebrate the holidays and make memories with your family for decades to come. After all, there’s no place like home for the holidays, and there’s no place like HHC Living for your home.


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