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7 Small Ways to Make Big Design Changes

7 simple design changes

Despite its general reputation, sometimes change can actually be a great thing. In this case, we’re talking about small changes you can do over a weekend or even over a matter of minutes. Check out our 7 Small Ways to Make Big Design Changes after the jump.

1.Throw Pillow Toss.

Let’s talk about simplicity. This super easy design upgrade can be done in one fun trip to your favorite local shop. Select bright colors or fun new designs to go from drab to delightful in the time it takes to toss a pillow. Ready to start shopping right now? Check out the current decorative pillows available now in our shop!

HHC Living Throw Pillows

2. Brighten & Lighten.

The lighting options in your home make a huge impact on the overall feel of your rooms, yet are easily ignored. Take inventory on your tabletop lamps, ceiling lights, and entryway lighting to determine what needs to be tossed, replaced, or upgraded. Cruise through our lighting options or give us a ring if we can help brighten things up.

Pendant Lighting Fall 2018

3. Use What You’ve Got.

Like mama always said, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. In our updated version of that classic saying, we’d like to add if it ain’t broke, re-purpose it. We’re talking books, musical instruments, dishware, mirrors, art supplies, and anything you truly love. For example, hanging guitars on the wall of one client’s home allows something they use and love to be center stage while also providing eye-catching wall decor.

Guitars as

4. Windows To The World.

Well, to the world might be an exaggeration, however the windows and doors of your home surely lead to your family’s world. Pop out the cleaning supplies and get to scrubbing as tip number four for easy ways to upgrade your home design is to clean your windows and doors! All of your beautiful interior design will look brand new when the sun can shine in. Plus, it’s thought to be that if the doors and windows of your home are clean, you’ll have better clarity and vision – which may help you make some bigger design choices, such as hiring interior design professionals to tackle hefty projects.

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 5.32.39 PM

5. Bring Nature In.

Once you can see out of your sparkly clean windows, you may notice nature just outside your door. Utilize fall foliage to create a simple wreath, gather flowers to make a seasonal bouquet, or select stones to fill a vase. Fresh blooms and refreshing natural decor will help create a soothing, welcoming home for your guests. Not into nature? Pick up real or fake limes, lemons, or other fruits and fill your favorite decorative bowl. We promise not to tell they’re fake, but remember to remove any grocery store stickers.

using nature as decor

6. Curtain Call.

Another simple way to make big design impact through small changes is to switch your curtains out. Quick! Go check if all the window treatments in your home are only in neutral shades, we’ll wait. Now that you’re back, if the verdict was a resounding yes, it’s time to pop the patterns and/or find new color palates. Curtains can change the entire feel of a room, are simple to hang, and offer options for budgets (and curtain lengths) of every size.

Curtains HHC Living

7. Bring In Bold Color.

While this easy fix may take an entire weekend to complete, it’s well worth it. Ready to make a big impact on a small budget, and have fun? Bust out those rollers because it’s time to paint, friends. Pick out a shade that’s bright, bold, neon, or downright fun, and paint an accent wall or small piece of furniture. For a bigger change, paint an entire room, or even a ceiling. Not into painting? Consider wallpaper for another bold color fix.

Painted Ceiling HHC Living

Little changes around your home can make a huge difference and give you the feeling of an instant luxury upgrade. Thinking small won’t leave you with a half done renovation, make you miss your entire Saturday, or find you crying over a design disaster. That’s what we call a win-win. If DIY isn’t your style, we’re happy to take the reigns on your major design projects. Give us a shout anytime and until then, we’ll see you here on the blog or over on Facebook.



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