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7 Simple Ways to Create A Colorful Home

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When it comes to design, many folks shy away from color, turning to reliable, neutral palates in shades of tans and greys. If your home is feeling a bit blah, adding color is easier than you think. In fact, we’ve rounded up seven simple ways you can add colors into your home today (often without buying a thing).

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Ready to let Spring colors shine in your home? Add flowers to any room for a instant color boost. Talk about a simple and easy solution! While fresh flowers bring delicious scents and add life to your space, faux flowers last as long as you’d like them to, so either option is a win. Sweet sunflowers, tulips, or hydrangeas can instantly change the look and feel of a room full of neutrals.

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Another easy solution to add color? Paint your kitchen cabinets! If you’ve got left over paint from another project, grab your brushes and get going. Be sure the paint you choose will work on wood, and remove any hardware prior to painting. Pick a color that pops, like this deep navy, and one that will make you smile every time you see it. Not into colorful cabinets? Paint any piece of furniture for a fresh feel on an old item.

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Add art into any space for an instant transformation. Even subtle hues, as seen in the painting above, draws your eye and adds an extra something special. If you’re crafty, consider a DIY painting using an inexpensive canvas and paint. You can even the get the kids involved for a fun afternoon activity.

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Add colorful kitchen gadgets such as the yellow Kitchen Aid mixer seen here, blender, juicer, toaster, or any other useful item. Many brands offer sets all in the same color, or mix it up to really add pops of all sorts of colors. This is a super simple way to add color that requires no paint, tools, or even much time. Pick your colors, order your items, take them out of the box, and voila! You’ve gone from bland to bold without breaking a sweat.

How To Add Color to a Nursery

If you’ve got kids, we’re willing to bet you’ve got about a thousand stuffed animals scattered around the house. Gather them up all into one room for a burst of adorable color. Sticking with one or two colors? Choose those who match your selected palate. For an even better idea, tell the kids it’s a game and have them run around the house to find all the stuffed animals tucked under couches and scattered around floors. This is a super simple, cost-free way to add color and clean up all at the same time.

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For added color, go curtain crazy. Curtains in bold hues or bright patterns add an easy room re-do. Curtains are budget friendly with options for every price range, and come in virtually every color possible. As an added bonus, they work in every room in your home that has windows in need of trim, are sold at tons of stores near to you, and are fairly simple to hang. What color do you wish you had more of in your home? Pick curtains in that shade and watch as magic happens.

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Last but not least, let patterns pop! Layering colorful patterns can take a simple space and transform in into a room filled with wonder and delight. Throw pillows, soft blankets, new sheets, patterned rugs, wallpaper, and more can do a world of wonder for a neutral wall color and wood floor. Suddenly, you’re not just in a bedroom but a place for a child’s imagination to run wild, or a space where your creativity can thrive. By using different textiles in your choices, your creating an immersive, sensory experience for yourself and your family to live in.

With these seven simple solutions, bringing your home to life with bold colors is easy, fast, and affordable. Not sure what shades to start with? Peruse our portfolio and notice which rooms stand out to you the most, then note what colors are featured in those stand-out spaces. Need a little more help? We’re here for you, and can be reached anytime via our contact page.

So how will you let color shine in your home? Leave us a comment on this blog or share your photos on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to find inspiration in your colorful home!


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