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2019 Pantone Color Of The Year

Pantone Color Of The YearThe start of a new year comes with the promise of a few elements we can always rely on. An abundance of resolutions and goals are made with positivity and determination to have our best year yet. We can also count on January to bring plenty of folks winter weather, storms, and freezing temperatures. There’s always a quiet hope that comes with a fresh calendar year, a new blank page to start our story again.

Last but not least, an ever-present constant that rolls right in with the new year, and one we love tremendously, is the Pantone Color Of The Year. Click through to read all about this year’s selection and how you can incorporate it into your own life.

Living Coral InspirationCoral Decor

First, a little history lesson, shall we? The Pantone Color Of The Year began in the year 2000 and is selected by a team of experts who consider everything from fashion to travel to the current political climate when making their selection. Where most would only see a shade of color, the team at Pantone identifies a hue that represents what our society needs the most. They do not take their responsibility lightly and know their selection has the ability to influence, lead, inspire, and heal.

Still not convinced of the power of Pantone? Consider that the choice for 2016 was Rose Quartz, the exact same year we saw the rose gold craze come to fruition. Rose Gold was suddenly everywhere from the newest iPhone to jewelry trends and even hair color. In 2018, Ultra Violet, a bold and inviting shade of purple, represented the need to blend red and blue together, a subtle nod to the sociopolitical atmosphere.

Trendy Colors for 2019Floral Wallpaper

All of that said, the past is in the past and it’s time to focus on the latest Pantone Color Of The Year, Living Coral. This tone, also numerically identified as 16-1546, is described on the official website as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge”. Quite the description to live up to! Luckily for us, Living Coral meets and exceeds those grand expectations. In a time of on-going change, the peachy hue naturally provides a comforting feeling, yet at the same time encourages playful energy. We can find Living Coral in social media trends yet also in nature, particularly in the aquatic world where coral is naturally abundant, of course.

Pantone 2019Design Trends for 2019

So how can you work Living Coral into your everyday life? We have a few ideas!

Home Decor

The first option, and the most obvious one, is to incorporate the 2019 pick into your interior design. The best part about this shade is how versatile it is. You can go for a set of matching velvet armchairs in warm coral, or paint an entire room in it. A stunning coral couch would be a beautiful (and comfy!) statement piece, while painting your front door would be a cheery gesture for the entire neighborhood. Don’t want to go so bold? Find a piece of artwork to lightly feature the trend, opt for a patterned wallpaper, bath mat, or new sheet set.

Fashion & Beauty

If you love your home exactly as it is, you can get coral crazy with your looks! The latest Pantone Color Of The Year is the perfect excuse to go shopping for a rad new coral coat, boots, purse, or hair accessories. Living Coral would be the best shade of lipstick, make a beautiful blush, or be truly eye catching as nail polish. While we’ve yet to find one, keep an eye out for a face mask or hand lotion in this trendy hue. Another fun option is to seek out packaging that will bring Living Coral into your beauty routine without having to necessarily wear it.


A fair amount of commentary by the folks at Pantone regarding their current shade selection is how it represents a deep need for connection, authenticity, and experiences that can balance out our social media based lives. We say challenge accepted! Take your family to a local aquarium to check out various hues of coral in real life. Hop into an art museum and try to write down every piece that features this particular tone, or go on a color scavenger hunt at your local library. If everyday life is simply too hectic at the moment to plan special outings, bust out the art supplies for some fun coloring at home or challenge your kiddos to a game of I-Spy and see who can spot the color first each day.

screen shot 2019-01-16 at 12.42.33 am

However you choose to incorporate the 2019 Pantone Color Of The Year, we hope you fully embrace the name by Living Coral in one way or another. Tell us what you think about this year’s choice by leaving a comment below!



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