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2018 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

HHC Living Mother's Day Gift Guide Collage

With Mother’s Day just around the corner on May 13, 2018, the time to make sure mom has that perfect gift is right about, well, last week. As for our fellow procrastinators, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re shopping for a gift for your mom, step-mom, sister, aunt, or any special woman in your life, this gift guide was made with you in mind.

If you’re ready to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day 2018, keep reading.

To make things a little more fun when selecting a gift for mom, take a peek back at the top image on this blog post and you’ll note that each photo has a letter on it. Check out each of the four photos and determine which space reminds you the most of your mom. Got it? Great! Now scroll down to see what gift is paired with each photo, and voila! You’ll be good to go. Feel free to peruse all of our ideas for gifts for mom, of course, and be sure to comment over on Facebook as to which one you chose.

If you chose photo A:

HHC Living Mother's Day Gift Guide

If this photo made you think of your mom, she’s ready for some relaxation time with a good book, comfortable blanket, and cozy spot. The only thing missing from this gorgeous design (by HHC Living, of course), is a delicious smelling candle.

When selecting a candle, consider scent first. Perhaps a floral scent, filling the room with jasmine, or a soft rose scent. Next, consider the design. We stock candles with such gorgeous designs, they could be considered art. Something so visually appealing, while sending out soothing scents, will bring mom back into the present moment. Interested in the luxury candles for mom that we offer? Stop on by in-store at 13413 Frankford Ave Suite B, in Lubbock, or give us a call at 806.368.7493.

If you chose photo B:

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2018 by HHC Living

Did this warm and inviting photo make you instantly think of your mom? If so, an at-home spa day is in order! Gather up mom’s favorite bath products, get a new, plush robe, and fill a basket with all the necessities to make a luxury spa right at home.

While everyone has their own favorites, a Mother’s Day 2018 spa gift basket isn’t complete without an incredible foot treatment from BabyFoot. These game-changing exfoliation booties rejuvenate tired feet, peeling away all the hours of time she spends standing on her feet. As a bonus, it’ll actually make her sit down for once, which we all know is a true miracle for busy moms.

If you chose photo C:

HHC Living Relaxing Bathroom

Would your mom love to have a bathroom like this? If you chose this photo for your Mother’s Day Gift Guide quiz, we know just the gift for her! In fact, if you look closely, there are a few of them featured right here in the photo. We’re talking about Barr Co soaps, of course.

While soap might not sound like a special gift for mom, Barr Co sets the bar (sorry, couldn’t resist!) pretty high. Made in small batches, right here in the US of A, and packaged in the apothecary tradition, these soaps are the best of the best, which is exactly what the special women in your life deserve this mother’s day. They’re unique, beautiful, and made with only the best stuff – just like mom! Stop by if we can help you pick out which scents and styles to gift this year.

If you chose photo D:

HHC Living Design Living Room

Last but not least, if you chose this photo, your mom has a taste for all things beautiful, luxurious, and designed well. This room, like all the previous photos, comes right from the design portfolio here at HHC Living. If your mom has been hinting at re-doing some rooms in her home, has recently moved into a new space, or is ready to refresh her style, gift her our interior design services.

While flowers and chocolate are always great, helping your mom create a home that she loves to live in is priceless. Whether it’s a bonding experience, working together alongside our professional designers, or something you gift her without ever making a peep as to her style choices (a true gift in and of itself, as all families know), giving her a room or home makeover for Mother’s Day 2018 is truly the gift that keeps on giving and something you’ll both always remember. Want to learn more? Contact us to tell us more about what you’re thinking and, of course, all about your amazing mom.

Picking a gift for Mother’s Day this year doesn’t have to be stressful at all. Trust that you know mom best and no matter what you gift her, even if it’s just time together, she’ll absolutely love it. After all, loving is what mom’s do best, right? We at HHC Living wish you and your family a happy 2018 Mother’s Day and hope you have a wonderful day together!


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