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2018 Home Office Inspiration

Office Art InspirationThe start of Fall brings back-to-school, internships, college, and work resuming regular hours after those lovely summer Fridays. Not to mention schedules brimming to the top with practices, games, rehearsals, classes, and playdates galore. During this crazy season, having a dedicated office or work space is a must. Click through to get inspired on setting up your home office, homework zone, or place to procrastinate (don’t worry, we won’t tell).

Desk InspirationNatural Light OfficeWhen choosing where to place your desk, consider an area with tons of natural light to keep minds energized and reading material clear as can be. Double up with tabletop lighting, overhead lights, and as many bulbs as you need to keep focused. Our lighting sale is on now through the end of September so be sure to stop in and grab some new options for your study. As the kids say, it’s, you know, lit.


Make sure your work space offers plenty of storage for important documents, and has plentiful room on the actual desktop. Take a cue from our design above and keep all decor items up and away from the main work surface.



Desks for your homeCreate a space you love to be in! Whether your home office is for you or your kiddos to tackle homework in, add personal touches that reflect personality, goals, and favorite colors, plus smile-inducing items such as stunning art or pictures of loved ones that help you get through the work load.

Custom Office DoorSpacious Home Office InspirationMake sure your personal work area has a door to close when necessary, along with plenty of space to host clients, co-workers, or kind friends who came over with your favorite coffee drink. Open space allows visitors (and you!) to not feel cramped or overwhelmed by open projects. Plus, there’s plenty of room for family pets who want to keep you company and there’s nothing like a puppy to make your day more productive.


Last but not least, ensure your office chair is comfortable but not so cozy you may drift off. Enjoy a sturdy back that can keep you supported all day, every day.

Whether you work in a traditional office, as a remote employee, or as the CEO of your household, we know you’re crushing it. Your home office, study, or children’s schooling area should be just as awesome as you are. We’d love to help create your dream office and will be excitedly awaiting your inquiry from our very own offices at our headquarters in Lubbock, Texas. Remember to work hard, play hard, dream big, and design beautifully. See you at the office!


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