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Creating A Cozy, Comfy Bed

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The average person spends nearly half of their life in bed. Sounds crazy, right? Yet studies prove that number to be true time and time again. If that’s so, it’s probably time to really love your bedroom and in particular, really love your bed. While we aren’t here to promote a certain type of mattress, we’re here to encourage you to step up your overall bed style. After all, if you’re there nearly 50% of life, you might as well really love it. Get cozy and click through to read more.

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So how do you create a bed you’re obsessed with? First, think textures. Have you ever moved into an empty house with bare walls and nothing but space to fill? Adding textiles is the secret to making blank spaces feel like home. Plush pillows, velvet throws, textured quilts, and other touchable textiles begin to create an atmosphere your whole family will want to be in. Blend different fabrics together such as an upholstered headboard, large quilted shams, and crisp, smooth sheets to add volume and cozy-worthy style.

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Next, think high quality. Again, let us repeat that you’ll spend nearly half your life in bed! This is the time to go big and get fancy. High thread count sheets are a game-changer and must have in life. Invest in a temperature regulating mattress pad or cooling pillows so you’re as comfortable as possible. Don’t skimp on duvets, shams, or blankets. There are many other areas of the home where you can get a cheaper option, go get your pots and pans at Target and pick up decor at HomeGoods but go high end for bedding. Trust us.

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Like we said, we’re not here to advise on mattresses (though we are happy to help our personal clients, of course), however luckily plenty of other people are. We live in a time where folks do mattress reviews on YouTube and Instagram so you can get first hand experience prior to purchasing. Take into account who has been paid by companies and who is doing it just to share but certainly watch videos, read reviews, and think outside of the box. With the mattress company craze in high gear, there are more options now than ever so you can find what works for you.

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To complete your dream bed, consider color, style, and overall design. Not sure where to start? Check out our Define Your Design post or peruse Pinterest for inspiration. Choose colors that calm you down such as soft greens and blues, or neutral tones of tan and grey. For an easy option, think about your favorite hotel you’ve ever stayed at. What made you love it so much? What did the bed feel and look like? You can call the hotel and ask what kind of beds, sheets, or comforters they use and where to purchase those exact items. Otherwise, trust your instinct in creating a plush, cozy, dream-filled, zen bed perfect to snooze in.

Now that we’ve made you ready for a delicious nap, go grab some coffee and then peruse our shop for more ideas. Need some extra help? We’ve got your covered with our one-on-one interior design services. We’ll see you back here on the blog for our next post soon!


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