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Cozy Corner Creation

Wire Art Decor

With lots of time to spend at home, there’s no better opportunity than now to create your very own cozy corner. Click through for inspiration and ideas to make a simple, small sanctuary.

HHC Living Portfolio

As opposed to traditional living spaces, a snugly nook should be small, contained, with just enough space for one or two, or a group of little ones all piled up together. Add warm blankets, plush pillows, and light muslin throws.

Seating Inspiration

Opt for a pair of cozy chairs, oversized beanbags, or large floor pillows. If your nook warrants it, consider a chaise lounge or other small sofa, but remember to think small.

HHC Living Portfolio

Let light in naturally from windows with sheer, flowing curtains, or bring in as much light as the corner needs. Tall, free standing lamps or wall sconces will do. Up the lighting if you plan to read often, forgo it if it’s only a place to catch some sun and a snooze.

Red and Blue Decor

Sets of anything look lovely and invite in more than one person. Match up or coordinate furniture in soft velvet, rich hues, or perfectly worn-in ways. The key here is welcoming, soothing, calming, and a sanctuary to retreat to for favorite books, homework help, or puppy cuddles.

Comfy Couch Design

How do you create cozy spaces throughout your home? Do you have a special corner or nook you prefer to lounge in? Tell us in the comments!

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